A random gift

If you have already read my previous loot post, you’d know that for more than a few weeks now I’ve been broke and saving up for a preorder, and then planning on saving more monies to take another trip to the collectables(figures, etc) store. While I was at the store awhile ago this Elwing caught my eye. But no, I couldn’t get her, I was broke. AAaaand, I still am! But anyways, just last night I was reading in my room and someone knocked on my door and left a present(shiny wrapping and all! Even a matching ribbon). Since nothing like this had ever happened before, I figured maybe it was just something not mentioning like a toothbrush but, still. It was this Kotobukiya 1/8 Elwing pvc figure! The one I saw at the store. The one I’ve been eyeing at for a couple months but never bothered to get since buying figures online is expensive, especially with shipping and such.

Snapped up a few quick photos of her. Photoshoot coming as soon as I head over to Michael’s(the craft store) and pick up some paper for a spiffy background

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2 Responses to A random gift

  1. Blowfish says:

    What? Somebody randomly bought you a gift without a card or something?You must have been a good boy 😀

    Maybe you have a stalker that saw you eyeing elwing.Nice Gift!

  2. Kanon says:

    @ Blowfish

    Oh noes a stalker! Or maybe I should be happy? lol ^^

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