Figma Shana & Random Stuff!

Long time no post, eh? I’ve just been a little bit busy with various things going on in life. Shana recently arrived, yesterday if I remember right. This is kind of a filler post until I can actually finish some art or do a photoshoot!

8/02/09 EDIT: My computer is dying on me! orz
I might not be able to post or anything until it’s fixed… >_<;;

8/03/09 EDIT: Fixed ^^;

8/05/09 EDIT: Nevermind, it’s still broken LOL! But at least I have internet still ^^;

8/06/09 EDIT: Just reinstalled Windows, everything’s better now!

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Thanks for 1,234 hits!

Thanks everyone! My blog has now reached 1,234 hits! ^^ It probably doesn’t seem like a lot…because a lot of people get that much in a day–or an hour. But I’m happy nevertheless! I drew this picture for everyone and just finished it now. The girl in the drawing is another random girl. Click for hi res ^^

Today’s also my birthday(July 10th), or at least it’s still the 10th where I’m living at the time of posting. Thanks everyone!