A quick update…

Hello all! I wasn’t going to make a seperate post for this, but it’s semi-important ^^; My school work has been getting pushed further and further down on my “to-do” list, so I seriously need to work a bit harder, especially with summer going by so fast. This may limit my free time. I’ve always been trying to post at least once a week but as you can see it’s not going to well ^^; No worries, I am still trying to keep up the posts!

Soon enough, school will be starting up once again, but I’ll still try my best to fit in a post every week or so. ^^ I just want everyone to know how busy I’ve been of late, and how much more work I have to do as well! @_@;; (I’m really nervous for the beginning of school again!)

So anyways, expect one or two more photoshoots in the next week. I’ve also been drawing a lot, so maybe some more completed drawings? ^^ Just wanted everyone to know what’s going on. I hope you are all doing good! Thanks for reading!

Image found via Photobucket. I don’t take credit for it ^^;
(I was going to draw something but I’m getting tired this late at night…)