Xmas and New Year loot! (cont.)

A little late showing my Christmas and New Year’s loot, but I’ve been wanting to take a couple pics for awhile and finally had gotten around to it today ^^;

First things first. As you may or may not know, I preordered Persona 4 and got an awesome art book thingy. Love this game. I’ve been hooked on Persona ever since I first played P3 on my birthday ^^ Totally worth preordering it for a free book, glad I did it. I hope everyone who wanted to get the book preordered it too ^^

Now after getting my Metis figure, I tried to tell myself that she was going to be the last expensive gift for awhile. Weelll, I lied xD;; And just recently I found the GREATEST place everrr!(well, not really, but it’s the only place I’ve found that sells…FIGURES!) They had a great selection and many figures I’ve been eyeing at over the interwebs. Surprisingly, they also had a couple Nendoroids and Revoltech Frauleins. And I’m very sure they weren’t bootlegs. But anyways I digress, what I wanted to say is that it’ll be hard saving up my money for awhile ._.;;

Here’s my Gundam 00 gashapon collection(Please excuse the flowery sheets ^^ I took these all on my bed xD). I bought Lockon and Tieria seperately and the whole 2nd box set(Soma, Marina, Graham, Setsuna, Allelujah), but gave away Graham and Setsuna to a friend, and kept the other three(I only bought the whole set for Allelujah and Soma ._.;; ). The other, smaller Allelujahs were also bought seperately. There are more Allelujahs on the way, too. Can you guess who my favorite G00 character is? ^^;;

A closeup on the Prop Plus Petit Lujah. He’s so cute! He actually just arrived, and he is way smaller than I had expected him to be(that’s my hand, if you want a size comparison xD) I wonder what the Japanese text says..?

Dang figure companies, making everyone(including me) broke ^^;; Ah well. It’s worth it. Actually, I preordered these cuties(pictured below) from Hobby Link Japan for about $80 after shipping. Even though I have no money xD So I’ve gotta save up for a few weeks(Me thinks about 5 weeks) until I’ll have enough to actually pay for them once HLJ gets my order ready to ship, which is about April 30. Then it’s time to save up for a trip to Chicago ^^;; and theeeeeeenn once I get back, I’ll have to start saving up for another few weeks so I can visit the collectables store again. x__x So little money. Sometimes me thinks it’d be best if I didn’t spend about 100 bucks on anime DVDs x__x;;;;

Although, I’m sure I speak for us all when I say it sure stinks when lacking money when you really need it ^^;;


3 Responses to Xmas and New Year loot! (cont.)

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  2. Blowfish says:

    Whoopsie…I just realized that youre a girl^^;;;
    Guys usually dont have fingernails this long.

    Thats a nice start for a figure collection!My starting figures looked worse 😀
    In case you wanna keep account of your figures (believe me sooner or later you wanna) just go over to http://figure.tsuki-board.net/profile/Blowfish and register yourself.

    Feel free to add me ^^

  3. Kanon says:

    @ Blowfish

    lol, No problem ^^

    Ooo I might just go join! I will soon ^^

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