Kotobukiya 1/10 Akira


Went to the store the other day to pick up this Akira from Togainu no Chi–a BL game for those of you that don’t know. While he is only 1/10 he is indeed awesome and perfect for any fan of the game!

Super sorry that some of these are a bit out of focus. A lot of these turned out super bright too, so I had to turn down the brightness when resizing ’em. Yeah I hate my camera too ^^;

For accessories, Akira only comes with a knife that you can put in his hand. It’s a little sharp too, poked myself with it when I was getting him out of his box and it kind of hurt

It’s really too bad that this figure is only 1/10 scale. Although, he’s still awesome! I love all the detail on his pants and jacket. Nice view! He looks just as good in the back as the front ^^;

I didn’t take any super close-up shots since my camera wasn’t being nice. But the detail on the blood on his hand is great!

Another shot of the details on Akira’s jacket

Uh oh! It seems he forgot to button his pants this morning ^^;

Simple base, but it’s much better than some other bases I’ve seen out there, such as other Kotobukiya figures and the Queen’s Blade figures’ bases. I actually really like this base. Nice and neat

And when you open up the base…there’s a surprise inside! A mini Togainu no Chi drama cd. Have yet to listen to it but I’m glad it came with the figure. Sorry the disc is upside down here, I didn’t notice until after I took all the photos!

A (blurry) closeup of some of the text. I have no idea what that says, but it’s awesome!

As a fan of the game, I say this Akira figure is definitely worth every penny! So lucky that my local store had him in stock too, it seems both Togainu and Lamento figures are hard to come by nowadays, unfortunately. Hmm I really dunno if many guys plan/planned on buying a male figure ^^; But anyways I originaly had planned on buying the Uniform Akira which is also by Kotobukiya (see some pictures here, at their website) but it’s been no where in sight for awhile now. This Akira is still great, though! Will have to get a Shiki figure to go along with him~ If I can find one ^^;

EDIT: I’ve found a Kotobukiya Military Akira figure! Photoshoot coming once he arrives at my doorstep! ^^


11 Responses to Kotobukiya 1/10 Akira

  1. Don’t worry too much about the blurry shots. Mine tend to be blurry as well…I really wish I had the money for a new camera. All my cash goes towards new figures, though. Oh well.

    This is a really nice figure. Too bad Kotobukiya insists on doing their male figures in 1/10 scale.

    • Kanon says:

      Same here! In need for a new camera, but it’s hard saving up with all of the awesome figures out there. It really is a shame they’re only 1/10 scale, but 1/10 male figures are better than no male figures, eh? ^^

      • I have a 1/10 Louise figure from Zero no Tsukaima…she’s really not that much smaller than 1/8’s. But 1/10 males…I’m just used to my male figures being giants. I’ve got a few of the One Piece 1/8 figures and they’re monsters compared to normal 1/8’s. Then there’s the non-scale Nero PVC which is pretty huge, too.

        I did pre-order the 1/10 Uniform Akira back in the day, but Kid Nemo never fulfilled the order. Alas.

      • Kanon says:

        Seriously? Ugh that must suck. I’ve heard a lot about Kid Nemo never filling orders TT__TT

  2. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  4. Natsuki says:

    Where did you buy this from??

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