Gundam Calendar Characters & Loot/Desktop!

Finally! I’ve been waiting for these for months. Had them pre-ordered in January. So glad I did, too! Did anyone else here get theirs yet…?

Super blurry, icky photos again. In need of a new camera… ^^; But anyways, this here’s the box. It’s heavier than I expected. Same goes for the figures themselves. I loved holding it for some reason, maybe because I’ve been waiting so long. The tape didn’t take long to come off since my fingernails are sharp and good for prying tape off stuff ^^;

Back of the box. Can’t read anything but the numbers, but it’s cool

Side of the box. By the way, there is a set of twelve figures of the Gundam 00 meisters inside.

Three figurines of each meister. 3 times 4 = 12, so one for each month, hence the name “Calendar Characters”. Every box comes with each figure–Everyone gets all twelve, they are not randomized. (At least, for the first run–err..This needs to be confirmed! Anyone else who got theirs please leave me a message ^^) Thank goodness for that, I didn’t want to have to pay 6,000 yen + 2,000 yen shipping to potentially get a bunch of my least favorite character and none of my favorite!

Here’s what the box looks like when it’s opened. Oh, and you like my bedsheets? Just kidding ^^; I got them when I was like 10 years old ^^;

Each figurine comes in a cute rainbow box

On the sides you can see all the meisters

So cute! ^^

Although I didn’t want to ruin the boxes, I was in so much suspense to see who I picked first so I just opened them normally. And first up isssss….

Aha! Decapitated summer Tieria-chan! Also, each one comes with a beary cute accessory to match their month that fit onto their stands

Due to over excitement to open up all of them, I unfortunatly couldn’t take pictures of each one on their own! So anyways here’s a picture of all of them together plus my loot recieved the past few days. Mr. Cloud Strife is still in the mail and couldn’t make it to the photoshoot, however. 😦

‘Lujah count: 8!

This looovely PVC lady I bought from the local collectables store just the other day when I went with a friend. Alter’s 1/8 Franco Il Nero!

My First Alter figure. She’s amazing! I’m now planning on eventually getting the set of all three Tre Donne Crudeli gals!

I had a hard time getting her on the stand, though. That’s probably just because I’m not the..strongest person ever ^^;

She’s actually supposed to be facing the direction her gun is pointing, but I can easily fix that. Franco has now replaced Metis as my favorite. Looooove this figure!


3 Responses to Gundam Calendar Characters & Loot/Desktop!

  1. Mio says:

    I just got the same thing! I love the Tieria ones! I screaming and fell down the steps when the UPS dude came with them!

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