Photoshoot! GSC 1/8 Senjougahara Hitagi

Hello again, everyone! A bit of delay here, but I’ve finally come with a new photoshoot. This time of Good Smile Company’s recently released 1/8 scale Senjougahara Hitagi, from the light novel/anime series, Bakemonogatari. She’s definitely a lovely gal to have in the collection, and is probably my most “creative” figure yet owned! More photos in the post…

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Togainu no Chi TBP Limited & Figma Love Machine!

Happy New Year, all! Just today the mail-person brough some more neat goodies! I’m here with just another post filled with miscellaneous figures and merchandise to quickly cover/review. Mostly centered around the recently released “Togainu no Chi: True Blood Portable DX Pack” for PSP, and Max Factory’s Figma Love Machine–but also some other Nitro+Chiral stuff as well(Sweet Pool bath poster & Togainu big pillow)!

Apologies in advance to those hoping for more PVC gals! ^^;

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(Finally a post!) Update & Figure gets! Metis & Natsume

Hello, hello, everyone!
12/29/10:Updated the About page with recent art + stuff!

It’s me, Kanon, back with an update after a long(or rather, short) year. Leaving my blog like that is…almost inexcusable, and I am hoping to get things kick-started once more. I’ll get more to that when I have more time, for now: New figures from this lovely figure season! More in the post!

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OC Sketch Post!

4/20/10 EDIT 2: Long time no see, everyone! “Why such a long random haitus, Kanon?” Errrr not sure! Laziness and business ^^;; Mashiro Dollfie arrived a little more than a month ago and is safe and sound, I love Mashi so very much! I will have to make a post of her very soon. This weekend I am also going to Anime Detour, my first anime convention! …And shall bring along my camera as well ^^ Ohoho! Biiig new post soon?!

12/16/09 EDIT: YES!!!! I have WON Dollfie Dream Mito Mashiro!! TTOTT I’m so happy!! Seriously I yelled “YES!” and nearly cried when I saw the email!

After being bombarded with homework the past couple days, I have finally been finishing a lot more sketches(woohoo!)! Was going to post this a couple days ago, but then my internet failed on me–and then yesterday I was working on homework for hours on end. Thank you to all of you patient folks!

This post consists of some Original Character sketches, enjoy! ^^ Warning: there’s pantsu in this post!

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Volks DD Mashiro Mito/Dollpa 22

Hello all, as you may or may not have known, I’ve been wanting my own BJD or Dollfie Dream for a little while now. It’s been a hard decision but I thought I’d announce that I have entered Volks USA’s lottery for Dollfie Dream Mashiro Mito! If I win her, Mashiro shall be my first Dollfie ^^ (Hmmm any advice?)

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Nitro+ Chiral One Coin Figures

Back with *finally* an on-time post! ^^; More figure reviews! This time with photos of the recently-released Nitro+ Chiral One Coin Figures by Kotobukiya. Featuring characters from BL games Togainu no Chi, Lamento, and Sweet Pool!

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Figma Aigis & Nendoroid Yako!

Finally! Figma Aigis(or Aegis, as she is called in the japanese version of Persona 3) has arrived! Along with Nendoroid Yako Katsuragi, whom I ordered for a friend(she gave me the thumbs up to play with her Yako, though)! And I must say, Aigis is my favorite figma yet! \^0^/

Also, here’s a quick sneak peak at the drawing I’ll soon put up here on my blog–have been working on a ton more mascot art!

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Halloween Pizza hang out day!!

Heyhey, look who’s back with another post! Halloween was just last weekend and a few of my friends and I planned to get together to order pizza at Friendie’s house and walk to my place to hang out. I decided to bring my camera and recently arrived Figma Kanu along. ^o^

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New figure setup!

If you all remember how crowded my side-table, desk, and etc., well lookie here! Just yesterday I got my shelves put together, and it’s a lot more organized than before, that’s for sure ^^;

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The first sign of Winter

This morning I had stumbled out of bed. I was tired and drowzy. But once I glanced out the window…Snow!! Everywhere! At the beginning of October?! No way! Unfortunately, it didn’t hit me to take pictures until late afternoon, when most of it melted away. But still, enjoy!

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