Orchid Seed 1/7 Metis

The first ever photoshoot/review ever! This one’s of my first ever scale figure, too. She just came about a week ago as of this post and I’m loving her!

Now, like I said I’ve only just jumped into the world of these (BEAUTIFUL) kindsa figures. The only reason why I even got Metis was because I got money for Christmas, wanted her, and there wasn’t really anything else to buy. Plus I love the character and the Persona series.

This picture’s a little blurry. But she is so so detailed! Gorgeous! Her “feathers” on her sides can move too so that’s a good plus. And she comes with two alternate faces. Thoughout the photoshoot I kept her kind-of-surprised face on since I haven’t gotten around to changing it. And also comes with her main weapon in the game…

..And the sign extra weapon thing that Minato can use in the game! My Metis is always holding this one. Mostly because the Cross Rod doesn’t seem to want to stay in her hand. But also because it gives her more of that “cool, modern Persona 3” vibe that the game itself gives off

Her mask(whatever you want to call it) can also be moved.

What amazed me most when I first got this figure was how detailed and more pretty her face was compared to some of the official photos on the internet. I was expecting her to be awesome but not THIS awesome!

Backshot and my attempt at doing more creative angles. I really have never taken any pictures other than quick pictures on my phone of the neighbor’s dog or something.

This was really fun and I can’t wait to get my hands on my Kotobukiya 1/7 Mitsuru Kirijo figure that’s in the mail so I can do more of this! Being new and all to taking pictures like these, I only snapped these babies up in about ten minutes using only my bedroom wall, a box, an old lamp, and a camera I found laying around. Woohoo?


5 Responses to Orchid Seed 1/7 Metis

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  2. ELTboy says:

    Hey … just surfed by your blog … good figure to pick for a first photoshoot! She’s lovely even though I never played the Persona games and don’t know her. ^^

  3. Kanon says:

    @ ELTboy

    Uh huh! She is awesome! Glad you agree =D

  4. Blowfish says:

    Good pick as a First Full Scale Figure!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of figure collecting thats gonna make your wallet cry^^

  5. Kanon says:

    @ Blowfish

    Haha, thanks! ^^ (so sorry for super late replies btw!)

    Woooo! ^^

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