Volks DD Mashiro Mito/Dollpa 22

Hello all, as you may or may not have known, I’ve been wanting my own BJD or Dollfie Dream for a little while now. It’s been a hard decision but I thought I’d announce that I have entered Volks USA’s lottery for Dollfie Dream Mashiro Mito! If I win her, Mashiro shall be my first Dollfie ^^ (Hmmm any advice?)

(images courtesy of Volks USA and the Volks DD Blog)

There’s also this extra set of clothing that’s up for the lottery! However, since DDs are already pretty expensive by themselves, I will have to pass for now ^^;;

There’s also Dollfie Dream Dynamite Mai Shiranui! Love her face and fans ^^

WHITE ALBUM × ドルフィードリーム

Mustn’t forget about the upcoming White Album DDs either!

Very short, general post for now. I’ll make sure to update when/if I win the lottery(around the 16th)! Wish me luck, and good luck to everyone else entering ^^ Being a Dollfie newb, anyone have any advice or anything? And hehehehee…I said there’d be an art post in my last entry. Haven’t had any time to draw(or comment on blogs as often as I should!). Haha, whooops!


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18 Responses to Volks DD Mashiro Mito/Dollpa 22

  1. rockleelotus says:

    awesome your going for Mito! i like her ears and tail, very nice choice. good luck, i hope you win the lottery ^_^

    when you get a DD its important to first do an inspection to see if anythings wrong. take your time and be careful with the wig and clothes… i had problems with both because i wasnt gentle XD be ready to prevent staining with some plastic wrap and tape if there are dark fabrics… hope you receive good news on the 16th ^^

    nice site: http://aquilla429.co.uk/how-to-guides-for-dollfiebjd-care/

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you! I probably wouldn’t’ve went for a Dollfie so soon if it wasn’t for your support over the past many months, so thank you! I will make sure to take all of the advice to mind ^o^ Plastic wrap is a really good idea, especially since Mito’s stockings are black–staining is a no no! And the site is very helpful, it’ll aid me a ton I’m sure ^^

      Hopefully soon your Yoko will have another friend~ ^^

  2. bprrie says:

    Hey! That Mita dollfie is so pretty. I love her hair, her eyes (my favorite color lol), her outfit, everything! I really hope you win!

  3. moemoekyun says:

    nice choice mashiro so cute ^_^ I feel jealous now (and so lucky won the lottery)

  4. Selidor says:

    Good luck getting her! She’s really pretty. For faces I think I prefer Mai, but Mito’s clothes and accessories are lovely, especially the ears and tail.

  5. Mashiro from Kiss OMD. Horo Spice wolf’s reincarnation ^^

    Good luck with the lottery!

  6. enrius says:

    Good luck winning her!! ^^

  7. Haru says:

    oh she’s gorgeous! her tail and ears are very cute. I hope you win the lottery! Good luck! ^o^

    • Kanon says:

      HARUUUUUU *0* Where’ve ya been? I haven’t heard from you for ahwile! ^o^ And thank you! She is soso cute, could not resist ^^;

      • Haru says:

        Lolol sorry! ToT I’ve been busy with RL stuffs, so that’s kept me from giving my blog any attention! BUT! I’ll be back up and running soon! ^^;;;

      • Kanon says:

        Hehe it’s alright! Everyone gets caught up in RL stuff sometimes–as well as I included! xD I can’t wait for your next post, and it’s already December (@o@;;!! The months are flying by again orz) so it’ll be awesome seeing your loots(Hitsugaya is coming out soon right? Luckily Megahouse isn’t in the bad habit of delaying, unlike Alter and Good Smile -o-;; )

  8. I like everything about the Mashiro Dollfie EXCEPT for the “ears”. They don’t even really look like ears…just ridiculous tufts of hair.

    If you win her, I’m sure you’ll be quite pleased. While I felt buyer’s remorse after purchasing my Nia Dollfie, that went away once I actually got her.

    • Kanon says:

      Haha actually, I agree! Although it’s not really Mashiro without the ears, I will probably not use them very often if I get her. ^^; When I first saw her they didn’t even look like ears, just yeah–odd tufts of hair ^^;

      Thank you, it’ll be great finally seeing a Dollfie in person! I hope your Nia is still doing fine as well ^^

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