My Desk & Room(kinda ^^;)

8/31/09 UPDATE: I might not be able to post or be commenting much this week, it’s the last week of Summer Break and I am very very busy. Sorry everyone!

Added a couple more linearts to the “Art” page & Updated my “About” page with a quick sketch and shortened up the wall of text going there ^^;;

Hello again everyone! This week I bring photos of my small setup of figures and whatnot. I got the idea to do this from my friend at Rock Lee Lotus! Continue reading for more pics. Click for higher res!

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HLJ Questions and Stuff

Pic kind of related, I’m feeling like Jin in the picture at the moment ^^;

I wasn’t going to make a post about this, but I’ve been searching on Google for awhile and came up with nothing. So, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I ordered the Shana figma earlier today here at Hobby Link Japan. As you can see, at the moment of posting, she is listed as discontinued on the site. When I ordered her, she was still in stock(and not listed as “Low Stock”). So anyways, I ordered her, received an Order Acknowledgement email from HLJ, and a couple hours later received an Order Confirmation email. The problem is, soon after getting the confirmation email, I checked the page again to find she was listed as Discontinued! ;_;

Has this ever happened to anyone else here? Not quite sure what happened, or if my order was really processed or not. Hopefully someone who knows could make me feel better about my poor Shana? ^^;

And the other thing, does anyone know if you order an item that is going to be restocked(like an item that’s listed as “___ Restock”), are restocks the same as preorders, where you pay for your item when it is in stock and ready to ship? Or do you have to pay right away like a regular item that is in stock? The only thing that confused me is that both “In Stock” and “Restock” items have a “Buy This” button, while preorders have the “Preorder” button.

Possibly newbish questions. If anyone knows, don’t hesitate to comment. I’d really appreciate some help since nothing is turning up on Google. Thanks! ^^

EDIT: Man, there were so many typos and grammar errors in this before I edited it like, 10 times. That’s what I get for posting late at night ^^; Sorry for the wall-of-text!

Potential Mascot Progress!

Yet another work in progress! I love Danny Choo’s and Dancing Queen’s mascots so much, I finally wanted one of my own. Just because it seemed fun. I’m currently working on this one(eye colors and outfit may be different in the final version ^^)–her name is probably going to end up being something along the lines of Kanono or Kanona. Haven’t really brainstormed much, though. ^^

A random gift

If you have already read my previous loot post, you’d know that for more than a few weeks now I’ve been broke and saving up for a preorder, and then planning on saving more monies to take another trip to the collectables(figures, etc) store. While I was at the store awhile ago this Elwing caught my eye. But no, I couldn’t get her, I was broke. AAaaand, I still am! But anyways, just last night I was reading in my room and someone knocked on my door and left a present(shiny wrapping and all! Even a matching ribbon). Since nothing like this had ever happened before, I figured maybe it was just something not mentioning like a toothbrush but, still. It was this Kotobukiya 1/8 Elwing pvc figure! The one I saw at the store. The one I’ve been eyeing at for a couple months but never bothered to get since buying figures online is expensive, especially with shipping and such.

Snapped up a few quick photos of her. Photoshoot coming as soon as I head over to Michael’s(the craft store) and pick up some paper for a spiffy background

New blog..thingy!

Hello there, this is Kanon! That’s my online nickname at least ^^ You probably don’t know me but hey I’m starting a new blog-thing because everyone else had one so, wooo. Here I’m mearly(*cough* did I spell that right? xD;;) a noob at collecting anime figures but have a few Gundam model kits and some gashapon figures and action figures. Although yeah, I am still new to this “collecting” thing and just spent nearly all of my Christmas gift money on stuff, haha xD;; But I am a huuge nerd when it comes to video games. Once I got my first real scale figure(aaand I will reveal my small collection hopefully in the next post!) I decided to open up this little blog, since it seems kinda fun. Here I will post some little anime goodies of mine and maybe review/rant about some video games. I’m also an artist and may post some art of mine here, although I don’t usually draw much and if I DO post some art, they’ll be little doodles and such. So anyways, sounds fun right? At least I think so. Maybe cause I’ve never really had a blog before. Woo

Edit: By the way, I’m also not great at photography and don’t have a camera made for that stuff so I’ll try my best!