Unfinished drawing dump

EDIT: Whoops! Totally forgot to watermark a couple of the drawings. Will do! When I’m not so lazy ^^;;

Although I have yet to post some FINISHED stuff, I’ll give everybodies some recent doodles I’ve been working on–but haven’t gotten around to finishing yet! (before you ask, yes, I like to start coloring the hair and eyes before finishing the lineart sometimes. Just because I want to see if I like coloring it before I decide to trash it or complete it~) None of these are being trashed but I just haven’t finished ’em yet, like I said ^^; The elf and the redhead are random people I doodled, not from an anime or anything. But the others are fanart! One of them being Dancing Queen’s mascot Hanako Sakae(Make sure to visit her amazing site, if you haven’t already)! I will finish these eventually… Anyways, enjoy! ^^; These are smaller than the actual pictures as they are only samples


About Kanon
Otaku, artist, figure collector!

2 Responses to Unfinished drawing dump

  1. Blowfish says:

    Im looking forward to your Interpretation of DQs Mascot 😀

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