Awesome figures get!

More pics of this figure and more!
I’m sure almost everyone who’s always on the lookout for upcoming figures or views would know about these already, but I just wanted to say how awesome they’re looking! The 1/8 Black Rock Shooter figure(pictured above) looks so amazing–and so expensive–but she’ll be a definite buy if there’s enough money lying around. Billy Herrington figma: Would get, but I don’t think I can ^^; Mikkumiku Kagami: Cute but probably not a get for me. I know, crazy, right? Fireball: I have no idea what it is ^^; Maid Tsuruya-san: Again, cute but not a get. Mikuru: YEESS! I love Mikuru in her maid gear and have been wanting a figma of her for awhile. The Revoltech version just didn’t cut it… But anyways, excitement! Saber Lily Nendoroid: One word–YES! Zange-chan Nendo: ZAAAANGE! Megurine Luka Nendo: Very very cute, but will only get after everything else ^^ Last thing: uhh dunno what that is
Now, there are two figmas that aren’t shown here but can be found at Danny Choo’s site here, Gantz Reika and Muv-Luv Meiya Mitsurugi. Those two look like winners to me!

In conclusion, Max Factory owns all of my money and all my money I will recieve in the future ^^ That’s a good thing. …I think


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