Togainu no Chi TBP Limited & Figma Love Machine!

Happy New Year, all! Just today the mail-person brough some more neat goodies! I’m here with just another post filled with miscellaneous figures and merchandise to quickly cover/review. Mostly centered around the recently released “Togainu no Chi: True Blood Portable DX Pack” for PSP, and Max Factory’s Figma Love Machine–but also some other Nitro+Chiral stuff as well(Sweet Pool bath poster & Togainu big pillow)!

Apologies in advance to those hoping for more PVC gals! ^^;

Alright, let’s continue. Today, I placed everything on my bed again…more room, yknow? A-ahh! The boxes for both are lovely!

Backs of the boxes. By the way, the mail-person was late today! I came home thinking they weren’t going to arrive(since they always get here before I come home), but then she showed up. ‘Twas very exciting!

Enough chatter, let’s dig in! Gyaaaa. Had to put new batteries in the camera before I opened these babies up, so I was delayed a bit. Too much excitement!

Da da da da…! I have taken off the plastic wrapping. So…shiny… Left my hand there for size reference.

Now we’ve opened it for real! The goodies and game itself comes packed very neatly. I almost felt bad taking it all out–let alone even opening the plastic wrap on the box in the first place. It’s so nice, though. I’d say between the extras in this limited pack, and if you are a big Togainu fan like myself, it’s definitely worth the few extra bucks.

Closer look at the beautiful artwork on the game’s cover. I have yet to open the plastic wrapping on this, thus the lack of photos of the disc and manual. Maybe some other time?

The main reason I decided to get the limited edition over the normal edition was, well, because of the limited Akira Nendoroid petit. Being that there are only about 9000 pieces, I really needed to get him in my collection ASAP.

Whoa, whoa! Here he is out of the plastic! What a cutie!! Also comes with a cool strap as well. It’s a little big to have on my phone(since I always carry it in my pocket), but any extra makes me happy. ^^

Nendo petit Akira chillin’ next to the game case. (Gah! Sorry for so many fuzzy photos!) He comes with a little stand like all others, and his knife. It’s so cute here! He’s so cute! Haha πŸ˜€ And it didn’t hurt to get poked by it(…at least, not as much as the 1/10 scale Akira’s knife).

He’s fitting in already! Only 4 Akiras at the moment, but there are more on the way. ^^

By the way, it’s been very snowy here. Not a surprise at all, haha ^^; But still. I can’t think of a recent day when it didn’t snow!! @_@;

The weather makes for good photo potential, however. I do enjoy looking at it, but walking out in it every morning…not so much. ^^;

Back on track with the merch. Here’s just a few photos of the Togainu no Chi 1st big pillow! I preordered it back in September, and it arrived in November or something. I love this pillow! Mine is still in the plastic cover though, because I don’t want the boys to get dirty or anything. Not quite sure how I would clean something like this…

Obviously, it doesn’t work well as a normal pillow you’d want to sleep on. But again, great for fans, or someone who just wants a pillow with nice bishies on it! Either way, it’s a fine size, and the print quality is very good. The artwork is based off of the 2nd Shiki ending in the visual novel.

This is my favorite side… xD ^^;

Now for the online-shop exclusive bathroom Sweet Pool poster. As the term “bathroom poster” suggests, it IS waterproof. Not that I would put this in my bathroom anyway. I looove the art. Sweet Pool is an amazing visual novel. Loved every bit. I’m almost kind of worried to put it up, incase it may get damaged!!

Close up of Tetsuo. Ahhhh such looovely art from Seiji Onitsuka-sensei!! Tetsuo is probably my favorite visual novel character. ^^

Youji also looks great here! Hmmm bishoune–

GAH?! “Sweet POO”?! I didn’t notice until now!! I should have looked at where my camera was pointing… Let this be a lesson for all… orz

Anyway, a few pictures of Figma Love Machine! I had been waiting for his release since he was announced. Summer Wars is an awesome movie. I recommend everyone who has yet to see it, to do so. Great, great! It can be seen that Love Machine is packed with LOTS of stuff. It’s no wonder why he is a bit more expensive than most Figma!

When I took him out of the box, I noticed how well of a job Max Factory did with his articulation–especially the pants. Our ol’ buddy Snow Villiers has pants similar to Love Machine’s, but Snow is difficult to pose, especially in fighting stances. This was expected though, that Max Factory always makes things work! Also, LM’s spear-thinger is super taaaaaall. I don’t even know how to make room for that! ^^; But I love this Figma so far. Probably my most favorite yet! Everything is perfect.

Of course, Love Machine himself is pretty tall. Tallest Figma yet? Unsure. Saber can barely reach his head! ^^; Better luck next time, Saber…

Aha! Surprise! Think I would forget about the GSC Black Rock Shooter photoshoot, did you? Enjoy some preview photos! These were taken before my camera died on me a few days ago, though…I’ll get around to re-setting up again soon!

Hope everyone is having an amazing new year so far! I sure am. ^^

Hope you enjoyed the random coverage. Until next time! ^o^/


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6 Responses to Togainu no Chi TBP Limited & Figma Love Machine!

  1. Brita says:

    Yay! You weren’t kidding when you said there were a lot of pictures in this post, wow! That is a good thing though πŸ˜€ I’m so glad you got everything today! That would have been pretty disappointing! True Blood looks great, and most importantly, of course, you have another Akira for your collection! I didn’t know it came with a phone strap too, that’s pretty cool! Looks very impractical though…Haha, your new Akira better watch out for military Akira! Looks like he’s threatening him or something haha. Those pictures you took in the snow look beautiful! I’m glad the snow is good for something…fcking Minnesota…w/e, I’m not going into a rant! Anyway, your pillow is…quite artistic. Where do those chains…lead? I’m glad you got it though, since you seem to love it so much πŸ˜€ Speaking of appropriate, I totally wasn’t expecting your Sweet Pool poster to arrive so soon! Sweet Poo…D: Thanks for the lesson! Pretty hot poster, but yeah, wouldn’t put it in your shower! D: I wish the translation didn’t totally stall :\ Wow, Love Machine sure does come with a lot of stuff! That was an awesome movie, I agree! And woah, didn’t notice the similarities between Love Machine and Snow! That’s kind of disturbing…and your Black Rock Shooter preview photos look great! And yes, I quite enjoyed your random coverage!

    • Kanon says:

      Yeah, really! It took forever to put them all in the post, hehe ^^; Yes! If the packaged hadn’t arrived yesterday, I would have had to wait until Wednesday! Which isn’t a long wait, but still a drag if you’re expecting something really exciting.

      Can’t wait to play True Blood Portable! Although, I still must finish TB PS2. Uh huh! Like I said, the limited Akira petit nendo is the reason I decided on the DX pack. I’ll take a picture of all the Akiras together once my January goodies arrive~ Haha! I just noticed that πŸ˜€ He’s looking down at him too, with his blade at the ready… Really is intimidating! ^^; I’m sure they are all getting along fine, though! At least as fine as two Akiras can get…probably don’t talk much! ^^;

      Thank you, I much prefer looking at snow as well. It was very cold out this morning. I hope January is at least slightly better than some of the days in December were like. Haha! You keep bringing up that chains thing! D: I wasn’t expecting the poster to arrive so soon either, because I picked the cheapest shipping method available. But hey, that’s awesome hehe. ^^ I hope Sweet Pool is translated soon so you can play it. Might be awhile though…

      Yeah, seriously! Took me probably 10 minutes to put all of the keys on that ring thing, and I still have yet to take out all of the accessories, to be honest. Hopefully the movie is localized this year. I’ll buy it on Blu-Ray and we can rewatch or something! Just looking at my Love Machine figma makes me want to rewatch! ^o^

      Thanks again. It’s about time I do another photoshoot. But I think I will wait for Senjougahara to arrive so I can do her photoshoot first–I have paper all picked out for her and can’t wait!

  2. Yi says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay Love Machine! You should get King Kazuma just so he can have a frenemy to chill with. And little Akira looks dangerous with his stabby knife. You should bubble wrap the knife to keep the others safe from it.

    • Kanon says:

      *Really late reply D:* Yes! Yay! I do need to get King Kazuma soon, that’d be awesome ^^ Haha, he is dangerous! The knife is very pointy and stabby ^^; Hopefully I won’t have to bubble wrap his knife; as long as he gets along with everyone!

  3. rockleelotus says:

    this is the beginnings of an Akira shrine! the petit with the bundle pack is cute, and any nendo/petit that comes with a tiny weapons gets bonus points haaha. that love machine figma looks pretty over the top, i have yet to watch Summer Wars, and i have no clue what its about but i may check it out when i get the time.

    ohh look at all that snow! it doesnt snow here and im already freezing, dont wanna imagine how it would be like to walk out in that every morning XD and bishi bishies… the artwork is great, i thought youd want to get them dirty so you can lick them clean ^^;;;; Lol j/k

    your BRS photos are great, she is a beauty! the flowers in the background adds nice contrast with the babe wielding a giant cannon, i look forward to seeing more πŸ˜€

    • Kanon says:

      Hey Lee! Sorry for the really late reply…in my twitter I kept spamming that I had finals and was busy with school(I’m so glad it’s the weekend finally, with lots of downtime @_@)

      Uh-huh! An Akira shrine has been formed, with even more on the way! Not sure if I already said this before, but I will eventually take photos of the new Gundam ‘Lujah shrine as well as the Akira one πŸ˜€ Shall be interesting… He’s very cute, yes! I love petit nendos, but it seems the cutest ones are always limited or exclusive ^^; Whoaaa, you should watch Summer Wars! Hey, it’s almost summer, may as well! Although I think where you are, how it is right now is how the season is for us here up north. xD

      The snow really hasn’t been letting up lately. The past week or so, sometimes it’s been relatively sunny out, and some of the snow melted! ….And then it just snows again… Haha xD The artwork really is great! Tis part of the reason why I got the merch. The other part..well, yes, bishies! πŸ˜€ Lol! But I have a feeling licking them clean would only make them need a wash even more! xD

      Thanks! She really is gorgeous πŸ˜€ Glad you like the background~ It really is nice with her. ^^ Need to finish that photoshoot sometime. Today however, I am planning on doing a Senjougahara photoshoot, since she arrived awhile ago, plus I have plenty of time to make a post this weekend!! ^^b

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