Togainu no Chi TBP Limited & Figma Love Machine!

Happy New Year, all! Just today the mail-person brough some more neat goodies! I’m here with just another post filled with miscellaneous figures and merchandise to quickly cover/review. Mostly centered around the recently released “Togainu no Chi: True Blood Portable DX Pack” for PSP, and Max Factory’s Figma Love Machine–but also some other Nitro+Chiral stuff as well(Sweet Pool bath poster & Togainu big pillow)!

Apologies in advance to those hoping for more PVC gals! ^^;

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Drawing software & Art Dump(mostly Art Dump)

Hello everyone! Wow, it’s been awhile since a new post. Two weeks go by pretty fast. I’ve been asked what I use to draw a few times recently, so within this post I’ll show you what I use to draw, a small batch of unfinished drawings, and a small update near the end. Continue for more!

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Birthday loot + Mikkumiku Kagami!

Not very much stuff at the moment, I was going to wait until my Shana figma arrived(my questions were answered and yes, there was nothing to worry about!) but I wanted to include my Birthday goodies with some really quick pictures I took of my very first Nendoroid! She just arrived today, too! She’s so cute~~~~

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June Loot!

Since it is nearing the end of June, I think it is time for yet another loot post! Last month I didn’t post my loot since I didn’t really get anything. This month I got a little bit of stuff, and I’m not expecting many guys to be interested in this month’s loot since there aren’t any new lovely PVC ladies at the moment ^^;

I actually got the Cloud Play Arts figure and the Raiho plush last month, I think. But may as well include them ^^; The Metal Gear Solid 4 shirt is actually a guy’s shirt so I had to get an Extra Small so it actually fit me ^^;

I took some pictures of the Military Akira figure that just arrived today, continue reading if you’re interested.

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Xmas and New Year loot!

A little late showing my Christmas and New Year’s loot, but I’ve been wanting to take a couple pics for awhile and finally had gotten around to it today ^^;

A few more pics