OC Sketch Post!

4/20/10 EDIT 2: Long time no see, everyone! “Why such a long random haitus, Kanon?” Errrr not sure! Laziness and business ^^;; Mashiro Dollfie arrived a little more than a month ago and is safe and sound, I love Mashi so very much! I will have to make a post of her very soon. This weekend I am also going to Anime Detour, my first anime convention! …And shall bring along my camera as well ^^ Ohoho! Biiig new post soon?!

12/16/09 EDIT: YES!!!! I have WON Dollfie Dream Mito Mashiro!! TTOTT I’m so happy!! Seriously I yelled “YES!” and nearly cried when I saw the email!

After being bombarded with homework the past couple days, I have finally been finishing a lot more sketches(woohoo!)! Was going to post this a couple days ago, but then my internet failed on me–and then yesterday I was working on homework for hours on end. Thank you to all of you patient folks!

This post consists of some Original Character sketches, enjoy! ^^ Warning: there’s pantsu in this post!

A few of these sketches are much more recent(drawn in the past week), while others were drawn a little while ago. Oh yeah, and to see the full images, just click!

I haven’t been coloring drawings lately, which explains the delay of the CGs… ^^;;

Before I draw clothing on characters, they must first be drawn in their pantsu ^^; Which explains this. But anyways, I’ll let the sketches speak for themselves, I need to get back to homework! By the way, these are all posted in order from newest to oldest.

Alright, that’s it for now! Winter break is coming soon(in about a week and a half) and I’ll get a lot of time to be drawing. Some of the older sketches(the last few) have some pretty obvious anatomy mistakes, but I hope you all can see that I’m trying my best and getting better(first few sketches)! ^^

Also, unrelated, after being delayed many many months, Alter’s Rise Kujikawa and GSC’s Black Rock Shooter(two figures I’ve had on order for nearly half a year now) are finally being released within the next week! So do expect some more photoshoots soon-ish ^^ It’s been awhile since the last photoshoot, eh? ^^; Anyways, no news yet on Mito Mashiro so hopefully in the next few days. Will post an update around the 16th on my Twitter or update the post here.

(PS- Rocklee(and others’ blogs I haven’t caught up in yet) I WILL catch up on your blog xDDD I promise!)

Have a good day everyone!


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39 Responses to OC Sketch Post!

  1. chubbybots says:

    Wow really great sketches πŸ™‚ I love sketch number 5 and 6 ^^ Babe holding swords is a win for me haha! Kinda giving me the black rock shooter vibes πŸ™‚

  2. rockleelotus says:

    i love your sketches!! the first one is just amazing, twin lovelies. the girl in the second one isnt wearing any pantsu?! approved :3 the fourth one is very sexy too, she reminds me of Kanu. the second to the last is way cute, i would buy a figure of her lol love the design.
    im a big fan of your style, enjoy seeing girls with very beautiful eyes… erm optical ones πŸ˜› and flowing hair thats very detailed!

    hooray for winter break! so its official? Rise and BRS will be released? awesome! cant wait to see the photoshoot. btw is it still snowing over there?

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you!! lol nope no pantsu in the second one xD And thanks again! It would be awesome to have figures made of my sketches…hey I can dream right? ^^ Hahaha xD

      Yes, finally! After months and months of delays they are finally being released soon! ^^ It IS still snowing over here(quite a bit, really) so Rise will most definitely not get an outdoor shoot hah. ^^;

  3. moemoekyun says:

    Great Drawing as usual ^__^
    @chubby i know about you perv frog πŸ˜›
    looking forward for your loot ^_^

  4. chubbybots says:

    @ Moemoekyun what perv frog are you talking about ^^ Its just a babe with swords lol πŸ˜€

  5. Lambertz says:

    Sup dis Yi.

    I really like the bunny girls .> BUT YOU SHOULD FINISH ALL YOUR ARTS. *points to growing pile of unfinished sketches*

    >.C Now i shall take my leave cause it is five in the morning and i need to go stand outside in the cold for the bus.

    I bid you adieu.

    • Kanon says:

      Lawls hey πŸ˜€

      Thanks! Loooololol I know TT^TT I’m so lazy!

      It’s sooo cold out there. D: Let’s both wish each other luck getting through the dumb winter ^^;

      Farewell(almost spelled “Fartewell”) for now!

  6. Haha so you got it! Wait for ya Mashiro review!

  7. rockleelotus says:

    you are a WinRAR! congrats, im so happy you won! ^_^

    it must have been surprising and emotional to find out you now have a daughter :PPP lol

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you! I’m definitely happy as well ^0^ (late reply sorry TT_TT, been so busy as you know haha)

      It sure was! Can’t wait to finally see her with my own eyes ^^

  8. Haru says:

    your art stuffs are so cute, i love your style~ ^^ would love to see any of those colored in the future!


    • Kanon says:

      Aww thanks! ^o^ Some might be colored eventually, maybe ^^; Been sketching a lot more than actually finishing pictures ^^;;;

      Thanks again!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeee only a couple more months to wait!! ^O^

  9. Selidor says:

    Congrats on getting Mashiro! Now you just have to get through the long wait (which I can sympathize with – my own Dollfie has just arrived after waiting two months). They’re definitely worth the wait, though.

    Your art is lovely! I envy your ability to draw such cute girls. I can only manage adult women and feminine men.

    • Kanon says:

      Thanks! -!! You’re Dollfie has arrived?! I cannot wait to see him! I’m so excited to see photos of him!!! ^O^

      Thanks again, I’m glad you enjoyed the sketches ^o^ It’d be cool to see more of your drawings as well~

      • Selidor says:

        Yeah, he came yesterday evening! I have some photos up on my blog now.

        I need to get around to doing more fully digital drawing, because I have a lot of stuff on paper and no scanner. All I’ve done recently digital-wise have been adoptables.

  10. Brita says:

    Hey, it’s Brita! Congrats on the Dollfie win! I can’t wait to see her! Your sketches are all so pretty too~ I love the eyes especially. Anyways, my favorites are probably the first one and fifth one.

  11. moemoekyun says:

    It’s 9 days already she haven’t come ?? @_@

    • Kanon says:

      She will arrive in late February or early March, according to VolksUSA. I know, it’s too long of a wait! D: But it’ll be worth the wait ^^

      • moemoekyun says:

        *just check volks websites*
        yes you are right the international released will be on febuary ^^;;;
        =prepare her arrival with making some clothes for her πŸ˜€

      • Kanon says:

        Yep! Haha I was actually thinking about getting some clothes for her before she arrives! That’d be a good idea~ ^^

  12. Blowfish says:

    Oh Congratulations for winning the chance to spend you cash on the figure!

    I like the sketch with the girl with katana ^^

  13. rockleelotus says:

    happy new year to you Kanon! ^o^

  14. moemoekyun says:

    HAPPY NEW yEAR ^0^
    this feb your daughter come XDDD

  15. rockleelotus says:

    *sings; black rock sooooter, where did you gooo?*
    oh, you went to kanons house! πŸ˜€ hope you can get some pics up so we can drool over them! lol πŸ˜›

    • Kanon says:

      Hehehee~ Yes, of course! Have been thinking about taking a photoshoot all week, I just don’t have any background for her yet ^^;;; Still need to drop by the local crafts store or just take pictures on my kitchen counter today xDD

  16. Haru says:

    HAPPY 2010! I hope the new year brings you plenty new figures! ^^

  17. bluedrakon says:

    Sorry for the late lookup – been crazy with the move from Florida to Maryland.

    I love the artwork and am glad to see you got picked. It is always exciting to know that others appreciate you art. Are you doing any commissions as I am a big artwork collector?

    keep up the great work and am looking forward to seeing more!

  18. foshizzel says:

    Nice artworks by the way! and congrats on your winning πŸ˜‰

  19. vixums says:

    Very very nice sketches <33 You draw girls so pretty like~ And congratts on winning the dollfie!!!

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