(Finally a post!) Update & Figure gets! Metis & Natsume

Hello, hello, everyone!
12/29/10:Updated the About page with recent art + stuff!

It’s me, Kanon, back with an update after a long(or rather, short) year. Leaving my blog like that is…almost inexcusable, and I am hoping to get things kick-started once more. I’ll get more to that when I have more time, for now: New figures from this lovely figure season! More in the post!

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Kotobukiya 1/7 Mitsuru Kirijo

EDIT: Oops, aha…there was a typo in the title earlier ^^;;;; Fixed it, though

Finally got around doing another photoshoot-like-thing. My bad pictures don’t do the figure very┬ámuch justice, but this still was pretty fun ^^;

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Orchid Seed 1/7 Metis

The first ever photoshoot/review ever! This one’s of my first ever scale figure, too. She just came about a week ago as of this post and I’m loving her!

A few more pictures