Halloween Pizza hang out day!!

Heyhey, look who’s back with another post! Halloween was just last weekend and a few of my friends and I planned to get together to order pizza at Friendie’s house and walk to my place to hang out. I decided to bring my camera and recently arrived Figma Kanu along. ^o^

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My Desk & Room(kinda ^^;)

8/31/09 UPDATE: I might not be able to post or be commenting much this week, it’s the last week of Summer Break and I am very very busy. Sorry everyone!

Added a couple more linearts to the “Art” page & Updated my “About” page with a quick sketch and shortened up the wall of text going there ^^;;

Hello again everyone! This week I bring photos of my small setup of figures and whatnot. I got the idea to do this from my friend at Rock Lee Lotus! Continue reading for more pics. Click for higher res!

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