Togainu no Chi TBP Limited & Figma Love Machine!

Happy New Year, all! Just today the mail-person brough some more neat goodies! I’m here with just another post filled with miscellaneous figures and merchandise to quickly cover/review. Mostly centered around the recently released “Togainu no Chi: True Blood Portable DX Pack” for PSP, and Max Factory’s Figma Love Machine–but also some other Nitro+Chiral stuff as well(Sweet Pool bath poster & Togainu big pillow)!

Apologies in advance to those hoping for more PVC gals! ^^;

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(Finally a post!) Update & Figure gets! Metis & Natsume

Hello, hello, everyone!
12/29/10:Updated the About page with recent art + stuff!

It’s me, Kanon, back with an update after a long(or rather, short) year. Leaving my blog like that is…almost inexcusable, and I am hoping to get things kick-started once more. I’ll get more to that when I have more time, for now: New figures from this lovely figure season! More in the post!

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Figma Aigis & Nendoroid Yako!

Finally! Figma Aigis(or Aegis, as she is called in the japanese version of Persona 3) has arrived! Along with Nendoroid Yako Katsuragi, whom I ordered for a friend(she gave me the thumbs up to play with her Yako, though)! And I must say, Aigis is my favorite figma yet! \^0^/

Also, here’s a quick sneak peak at the drawing I’ll soon put up here on my blog–have been working on a ton more mascot art!

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Halloween Pizza hang out day!!

Heyhey, look who’s back with another post! Halloween was just last weekend and a few of my friends and I planned to get together to order pizza at Friendie’s house and walk to my place to hang out. I decided to bring my camera and recently arrived Figma Kanu along. ^o^

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The first sign of Winter

This morning I had stumbled out of bed. I was tired and drowzy. But once I glanced out the window…Snow!! Everywhere! At the beginning of October?! No way! Unfortunately, it didn’t hit me to take pictures until late afternoon, when most of it melted away. But still, enjoy!

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Mini Post! School Update

As many of you may already know, I went back to school about a week ago. I’ll keep things short, but all-in-all, I’m having a great time and everything’s well ^^ And there hasn’t been a photoshoot in awhile, but maybe soon(ish)! So I took a couple pictures of my Miku figma.

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Figma Shana & Random Stuff!

Long time no post, eh? I’ve just been a little bit busy with various things going on in life. Shana recently arrived, yesterday if I remember right. This is kind of a filler post until I can actually finish some art or do a photoshoot!

8/02/09 EDIT: My computer is dying on me! orz
I might not be able to post or anything until it’s fixed… >_<;;

8/03/09 EDIT: Fixed ^^;

8/05/09 EDIT: Nevermind, it’s still broken LOL! But at least I have internet still ^^;

8/06/09 EDIT: Just reinstalled Windows, everything’s better now!

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