OC Sketch Post!

4/20/10 EDIT 2: Long time no see, everyone! “Why such a long random haitus, Kanon?” Errrr not sure! Laziness and business ^^;; Mashiro Dollfie arrived a little more than a month ago and is safe and sound, I love Mashi so very much! I will have to make a post of her very soon. This weekend I am also going to Anime Detour, my first anime convention! …And shall bring along my camera as well ^^ Ohoho! Biiig new post soon?!

12/16/09 EDIT: YES!!!! I have WON Dollfie Dream Mito Mashiro!! TTOTT I’m so happy!! Seriously I yelled “YES!” and nearly cried when I saw the email!

After being bombarded with homework the past couple days, I have finally been finishing a lot more sketches(woohoo!)! Was going to post this a couple days ago, but then my internet failed on me–and then yesterday I was working on homework for hours on end. Thank you to all of you patient folks!

This post consists of some Original Character sketches, enjoy! ^^ Warning: there’s pantsu in this post!

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Drawing software & Art Dump(mostly Art Dump)

Hello everyone! Wow, it’s been awhile since a new post. Two weeks go by pretty fast. I’ve been asked what I use to draw a few times recently, so within this post I’ll show you what I use to draw, a small batch of unfinished drawings, and a small update near the end. Continue for more!

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