Nitro+ Chiral One Coin Figures

Back with *finally* an on-time post! ^^; More figure reviews! This time with photos of the recently-released Nitro+ Chiral One Coin Figures by Kotobukiya. Featuring characters from BL games Togainu no Chi, Lamento, and Sweet Pool!

(was planning on making another photoshoot soon, but the figures I have ordered keep getting delayed…)

Ok, onto the review-thingy!

Here’s the artwork on the front of the box. So so so cute and well-done!

More art on the side.

Fun little backgrounds on the bottom of the box.

Each box comes with a total of 10 figures. They may be randomized, however mine were not, probably because it was from the first run(?). I think most of the boxes sold after the first some are actually randomized…

Okay enough talk, let’s take this one! I choose you!!

Front of the mini-box that contains a cutie! I wonder who is inside it…

Almost forgot, the sides of the mini-boxes show the total types. Plus a “mystery” figure! OooOooOo

Alright! First one up is Military Shiki. Each figure comes well packaged along with a collectable card.

And here he is! (Please excuse my dusty desk ^^; ) Shiki is the only one that isn’t attached to the base and his chair. So he falls easily if moved. Be careful with him!

Pajama Akira! There’s a more rare striped-shirt version of him, but they’re both super cute! His shirt is removable.

This is the secret figure! Yukihito from Togainu no Chi: True Blood. He’s my favorite out of this bunch!

Zenya Okinaga. Notice how each figure has a different base that is relative to their character!

Makoto Mita. It’s hard to tell here, but his base has sodas and snacks on it.

Tetsuo Shironuma…My favorite character in Sweet Pool after playing the game! That’s an umbrella he’s holding. From the scene with him and Youji walking back to Youji’s place in the rain ^^

And of course, Youji Sakiyama! So cute~

Tokino ^^

A Poet/Shui. I’ve always loved his outfit!

Crazy-detailed Sorcerer/Boiyo. You can just tell that Kotobukiya put a lot of love and hard work into these guys!

Alright, now I couldn’t’ve forgotten about taking photos of the backs. There’s still a ton of detail here too ^^

And here’s all of the collectable cards together. Most of them say something on the back, like a quote and such. The Sweet Pool cards have the character’s height, weight, and birthday(and something else I can’t make out since I can’t read it ^^; )

And that concludes it! These adorable boys are wonderful for fans of the games. They are pretty small but really really detailed. Hopefully Kotobukiya is considering making some scale Sweet Pool figures 😀

Next post shall consist of more art–it’s been awhile since I’ve posted sketches. ^^; Anyways, am looking forward to Thanksgiving break. Delicious turkey lunch ahooooy! Everyone have a good week!


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21 Responses to Nitro+ Chiral One Coin Figures

  1. Yi says:

    I guess you didnt get like fifty Makotos after all lol

  2. rockleelotus says:

    so cute! i like their @_@ eyes. dont box sets usually come as a complete and not random? a random set would make me worry ^^;;;
    i really like Makoto Mita cuz he has a hamburger lol great design on Tokino, Shui, and Boiyo they look cool. all of them are so very detailed! …BL… XD

    • Kanon says:

      Agreed! I’m not sure, I only have got a couple box sets. But on every site I find them on it says the boxes come in a random set ^^; Soo not sure here! But anyways the hamburger sure is cute ^o^ And agreed again, their designs are awesome! …. xD lol

      • ponytale says:

        Lovely photos! XD

        Usually Nitro Chiral’s kotobukiya one-coin box sets like Lamento and Togainu are complete sets of 10 (9 + 1 secret) but they made an exception for this one. (them money suckers!) Lol~ *_*

        The variation in Chiral Forest is the Akira chibi. There are 2 versions. One Akira wears white shirt, the other version wears a white+blue-striped shirt. Each box only contains either ONE of the two. So it is not possible to get both in one box.

        So it’s 9 (either one Akira) + 1 secret (Yukihito)

        Hope that clears any doubts ^^

      • Kanon says:


        Thank you! That clears up my questions! Thanks for the information ^o^

  3. moemoekyun says:

    so cute ^__^
    but no girls there T_T

  4. Leonia says:

    Ooh ! Funny collection ! My favorit is probably Tokino ^^

  5. chubbybots says:

    Shiki on the chair is growing on me haha…reminds me of the lead in persona3 ^^

  6. First I didnt know what kind of game Sweet Pool it is but I’ve googled it and….. whooo! it’s for girl. hahaha 😀

    Yukihito reminds me to Shana, but in male gender lol

  7. vixums says:

    Wow, I love these, and I’m not usually a fan of the tiny figures at all!! The detail in them really makes them stand out~

    I was wondering if you had an msn or AIM we could chat on, I have a few questions for you about the blog, I hope you don’t mind (and also hopefully get to know each other a bit better, since we both do art and love blogging?)

  8. Gi says:

    Wow you bought a whole box! So brave! *A* And they are all soooo adorable ahh!

  9. Psique says:

    Where did you buy them???

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