Halloween Pizza hang out day!!

Heyhey, look who’s back with another post! Halloween was just last weekend and a few of my friends and I planned to get together to order pizza at Friendie’s house and walk to my place to hang out. I decided to bring my camera and recently arrived Figma Kanu along. ^o^

Here, at Friendie’s house, Kanu first met some new buddies. Like Neuro(who could just barely reach her hand ^^; ) …..

…And Exia!

And this flying horse.

Looks like they were having a bit too much fun!


Had to take a quick snap of the other boys as well! ^^ Anyways, we continued waiting for our ordered pizza for a little while. Papa Johns pizza, of course!

Dynames was having fun sniping clouds.

Not sure if he realises that there’s a window there, though ^^;

Soon after, AHH our pizza finally arrived….!! *A*

There was another photo of the pizza earlier in the post, but here’s another! Looks so delicious! B-but…we ordered Hawaiian pizza(ham & pineapple)!! Looks like the workers forgot our pineapples ^^;;;; Neuro seems to be pleased with the pizza still, however.

After eating and watching a bit of TV, we went outside to snap some photos of the pond nearby. It was a beautiful day outside, just a bit windy!

Very very pretty clouds~

I stood on a bridge that goes over the pond to take photos. Beary cute geese were on one side of the pond! These ones didn’t like people approaching them very much.

The ducks, however, swam over to us thinking we had food for them!

I’m sorry cute duckies, I have no food!

We then made our way to my place. These berries grow on the trees in my backyard. Managed to take a photo of them before they all fell off for the winter!

Pretty bush in the front yard ^^

More of Kanu! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos! It’s been a long while since my last post–mainly because of all of the school work I’ve been getting. ^^; I would’ve taken more photos, but I actually didn’t do anything more for halloween–twas too low on cash to get a costume and Trick-or-Treat!(yes I still trick-or-treat ^^; ) It was fun eating the candy that was left over after handing some out to the kids.

Anyone else do anything fun on Halloween? I’ve been meaning to ask this before! ^^


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24 Responses to Halloween Pizza hang out day!!

  1. Guy says:

    Neuro looks freaky from up close, and his head looks even bigger than other nendoroids. I guess his body is smaller.

    Comparing Saber Lily to Yoko shows how the clothes really give her more mass, or the appearances of such.

  2. Yi says:

    lol “And this flying horse.” made me lols fo reals.

    Neuro is a shorty!

    Thats all i gotta say because my brain brokeded from AP homework lol

  3. rockleelotus says:

    yay new post! great pics, and congrats on receiving Kanu! she is lovely ^^ i lol’ed at Exia on flying horse haha that just too funny XD and i see a pokeball behind Dynames. those duckies look so cool! i would be tempted to grab one and watch his feet go waddle waddle… ive done it before when i was younger ^^;; really like the last shot of Kanu and the leaves too.

    it was a quiet Halloween this year, didnt do much but eats some candies. how is school going? must be tough since its keeping you so busy!

    • Kanon says:

      Yes, about time eh? Thanks! ^^ Hehe, that pokeball holds a vicious Piplup! xD lol!

      Nice! That’s basically what I did as well. Candy is yuumm! School is doing pretty good(I think?), but like I said, we’ve been getting a ton of homework…I’d be lucky to have at least a day without homework once a month! ^^;;

  4. thetsundere says:

    Nice Kanu figma~
    Went to a halloween party and also carved a kick-ass pumpkin! (photos in my Halloween post). That’s cool that you still trick-or-treat… I’m a high schooler so I was worried people might be thinking ‘=O she too old for that”. Maybe I’ll go next year for the hell of it =P

  5. That flying horse is rats!
    So umm Is Pizza Hawaii not that common over there or why do you ave to explain it?^^;;;;

  6. moemoekyun says:

    my eyes on your pizza not your figures ^_^

  7. vixums says:

    Hehe, looks like you had a lot of fun!! I’m starving right now and I want to grab the pizza from your post. All of it >< I had a quiet Halloween this year and just watched Haruhi and South Park most of the night with my bros, while munching on some candy we bought ourselves!

    • Kanon says:

      Yep! Haha, just looking at the photos of the pizza makes my stomach growl again, I’m sad it’s all gone now. xD Nice! Sounds like you had a fun, relaxing Halloween! ^^

  8. Haru says:

    Oh Kanu looks gorgeous! ^^

    And lol @ Exia on his flying horse.

    That pizza looks delicious, I’ve been craving pizza for the last couple of days ToT. Should go buy some…

    Those are some really lovely sky photos you took, love all the other scenery too!

    I didn’t really do anything for Halloween either ^^; Wanted to give out candies to the kids but it completely slipped my mind to buy candies ORZZZ.

    • Kanon says:

      Haha, thanks!

      The pizza sure was delicious, Papa Johns is my favorite! You should definitely get some! *0*

      Thanks again, the sky was really looking lovely that day ^o^

      Hehe, it’s alright–We bought candy a few hours before trick-or-treating time ^^;

  9. Selidor says:

    That pizza looks really good. It’s one of the things I miss in Japan because I have no oven and I haven’t dared try ordering any yet.

    That’s a lovely photo of Kanu among the leaves, and the ducks are cute.

    I did nothing for Halloween (although I had a class despite it being a Saturday). Some of my friends spent all night clubbing in Tokyo, but that’s not my style so I stayed at home.

    • Kanon says:

      The pizza was delicious! Are there even pizza places in Japan like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, etc?

      Thanks, and I agree, I love the ducks!

      A class on Saturday? ToT But staying home can be nice, too ^^

      • Selidor says:

        There are pizza places but they tend to be pretty expensive from what I’ve heard, and my speaking ability isn’t good enough yet to order by phone.

        My university has this odd practice of moving Monday classes to a Thursday whenever there’s a national holiday on Monday, and so between that and the typhoon I’ve hardly had any Thursday classes and one of my lecturers rescheduled for Saturday a couple of weeks running.

      • Pizza hut yes but I dont know about Papa in Japan. We must check that!

        The pizza looks plain, what topings is it? cheese only?

      • Kanon says:

        Sorry for the late reply!

        Oh yes that’s right, I hope you can get enough experience to order by phone soon!

        Haha, that is an odd thing, would take getting used to I think

      • Kanon says:


        Hmm yes make sure to tell me if you ever find a Papa Johns in japan! It would be awesome to know!

        It looks plain because the people messed up our order, we ordered a ham and pineapple on our pizza but got cheese TT_TT

  10. Jamaipanese says:

    exia looks badass! ^^

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