The first sign of Winter

This morning I had stumbled out of bed. I was tired and drowzy. But once I glanced out the window…Snow!! Everywhere! At the beginning of October?! No way! Unfortunately, it didn’t hit me to take pictures until late afternoon, when most of it melted away. But still, enjoy!

Miku and I were a bit cold when we stepped outside. The weather sure did make a huuuge turn-around since my last update! How’s the weather were you all are? Minnesota is pretty unpredictable with weather ^^;

Saber’s first outdoor photos. Rocks work great with figmas, they can stand on their own pretty easily!

“May I borrow your sweater?”


More snow photos in the near future? Also, I’ve been seriously busy pretty much everyday, so sorry for the late post! This week is a break for me(woohoo!), so I finally get to relax!


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21 Responses to The first sign of Winter

  1. Haru says:

    Miku looks lovely surrounded by all that white snow; she really stands out! ^^ And so does Saber. Love that you chose the autumny bg for her–and I don’t know what it is about those rocks, they compliment Saber nice somehow. ^^;;

    Looking forward to more photos likes this from you! ^o^ I’ve also been working on random figure photos these past few days but RL has caught up to me so I’ve been busy with stuff orzzz. Hope I’ll have time to post ’em soonish. And I’m still waiting on Viral to arrive ( ToT); that typhoon sure had bad timing–I’m guessing that’s why they sent out my package pretty late. But I should get it by Monday~~ *totally stalking EMS*

    • Kanon says:

      Thanks! I also really liked how Saber looked with the rocks, and the pictures turned out super-clear to boot ^^ Loves rocks since she can stand on her own.

      Ohh! I really cannot wait to see them! You should post more of your photoshoots ^0^ Yay, monday is tomorrow at the moment. I cannooooot wait to see hiiiiiim~~~~ \(^0^)/

  2. Yi says:

    All the snow is gone now *tear* .C And Miku is cuuuuuuuuute!

    hurg I’ve been busy too since friday and Im not going to be able to rest until thursday I think. Fudgsicles.

    Side note-yeah I’ve talked to my marm about the anime club thing and she seems pretty chill about it so I can maybe go(?) to the convention thingy and stay at the lady’s grandma’s house but it’s still up in the air so hopefully I can go with you guys in April or whenever it is

    ps. man this is the longest comment I’ve had. EVER.

    • Kanon says:

      It stinks, I’m sad that it’s gone now too =( I did have a little speck of snow left on my deck a couple hours ago(at the time this comment was posted) but it’s gone now. And thanks! Miku is happy to hear that! ^^

      Ugh, seriously? That is terrible, does that mean you will not be able to come over anytime soon? Dang. What’s going on this week that’s so busy? Talk to me via IM ^^

      Awesome, I’m glad your mom is cool with the club. Hopefully you can go, seems Brita is already planning on going as well so..! It’ll be tons of fun. Even if you don’t plan on dressing up! ^^ I still think you should go as Yoite, though <_< Or chillun Setsuna. All you'd need is: Black pants(check!), Black shoes(check!), white button-up shirt(check!), and a red scarf. Easy!

      • Yi says:

        I dun want to dress up its a pain in the rear end lol.

        Do you know how hard it is for me to put clothes on in the morning >.| Super hard.

      • Kanon says:

        Ok lol. I’m just saying, you would just be putting on your normal clothes, just a scarf as well! It might be chilly too so, dressing up as Setsuna would be pretty practical! ^^ I’m planning on dressing up as BRS but it might be cold, so…

        What, you want to go as Akira Takizawa in the first episode of Eden of the East, now?

      • Yi says:

        omg you’d need a HUGE wig too or just grow out your hair for a LONG time lol

        Well what if i wanna be like him huh? lol

      • Kanon says:

        Haha, I’m probably going to get a wig if I DO cosplay as BRS.

        Lol I don’t think he’s a very good inspiration

  3. rockleelotus says:

    SNOW!!! Miku just glows around the snow, very beautiful ^^ you picked a great spot for Saber’s first outdoor shoot, love the colors. your outdoor shots are impressive, and yes to more snow pics in the future ^^

    woohoo you get a week of relaxation, enjoy your time off ^^

    • Kanon says:

      Yes! Thanks, Saber looks great as well I think, the colors seemed to look great together ^^ Thanks again! Now, if only I can get my hands on a figure that’d work well for a snow photoshoot…

    • Kanon says:

      Oops, pressed the Submit button a little early ^^;

      Anyways I sure will enjoy this week, breaks rock! ^0^

  4. It’s tropic here so I’m jealous. Btw the figures had a trip to outside? Miku has a minim cloth so watch for the cold :3 talking about busy, yeah so do I. I have no time to do post-update too ==

    • Kanon says:

      Really? I dunno, living somewhere where it’s all tropic sounds nice! ^^ Yep, but just around my yard though. Ah, I’ll be sure to be careful with Miku out and about the cold ^^ You’re busy too? Dang, that stinks, it’s good to relax sometimes too!

      • But my teacher will scold me if too relax lol
        Living in tropic is not nice, you’ll have summer forever. yes forever! no snow! only two choices, shiny or rain (storm). Just trip to here would be nice ^^ oh, I wanna taste snow~

      • Kanon says:

        Summer foreverrr! That sounds awesome! I wouldn’t mind that, not at all, actually that sounds great ^0^

  5. vixums says:

    It’s getting A LOT colder here, but no snow yet (I WISH.) You’re luck you got some in your area, though that is very strange… hopefully we’ll get some soon, I know I wouldn’t mind that at all.I’ll be able tot take pics of my figmas and nendos in the snow, that would be lovely ❤ Keep warm!

    • Kanon says:

      Snow’s great! Hopefully you can get some snow–may as well since it’s already cold where you are!

      It IS really strange, it’s early October and we already got a bunch of snow–and just a couple weeks ago it was so warm here ^^;

      I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of your figmas and nendos in the snow! You make sure to keep warm as well~ ^o^

  6. thetsundere says:

    Wow the photos of Saber on those rocks are great! The blue of her dress looks so nice against the reddish-brown leaves.

  7. Blowfish says:

    Nice pictures 😛

    Over here in my part of the world the climates still pretty mild.Its more rainy but ill doubt that itll snow here any time soon.If it does itll end up in mud in a matter of seconds anyway

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