Melona has arrived!!

*A*!! Just now I got home from school, and I found a package on my doorstep and immediately new what it was. I recently have been talking with Rock Lee Lotus, and since he was selling some of his figures, I just could not resist!

Melona was very well packaged ^0^

There isn’t even a scratch on her box. It’s almost as if she was brand new!

And look, he even went through the trouble of putting an extra goodie in along with Melona! Seeing Melona made me smile, but seeing the extra goodie made me smile even more. I remember seeing the keychain in this post! It is a very nice and thoughtful gift ^0^

Melona is soo adorable, my favorite Queen’s Blade girl!

*LOVE* her!

Anyways, in conclusion, the transaction went very well, and a HUUUUGE thanks to Rocklee for everything! Seriously, Melona even smells brand new. Not that I smell figures all day xD;;


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22 Responses to Melona has arrived!!

  1. Guy says:

    At least it doesn’t look as bad as the Revoltech Melona 😉

  2. Ah, Melona. One of my favorite figures, as well as my favorite Queen’s Blade girl along with Nanael. (Melona and Nanael look great side by side) MegaHouse did a GREAT job on the transparent parts.

    I don’t bother using the base that came with her, though. Her goo puddle makes for an excellent base by itself.

    • Kanon says:

      Glad to see another Melona fan! Nanael is indeed adorable, I really want to get her as well eventually ^^ I agree, the transparent parts make the figure very beautiful, her hair is absolutely gorgeous! (*0*) I’m lovin’ that goop-bunny-thing on her leg, too.

      True, she looks fine without the base. But I use the base anyways, just because ^^;

  3. the extra gets my attention! ^O^

  4. Haru says:

    Oh, you got her! \(^o^)/
    She looks very cute!

    I remember seeing official images of her and the figure itself never really appealed to me, but now that I see your images the figure isn’t too bad at all!

    I tried watching Queens Blade and dropped it on the first episode, lol, so I never got into the fandom, however, I really want to get my hands on MegaHouse’s Nanael figure; she’s so cute!

    And wow, looks like Megahouse did an excellent job with the transparent parts; her hair looks amazing and so does the goo.

    • Kanon says:

      Yes! Yes she does!

      Melona’s one of those figures that looks better in person ^^ I think the clear parts are more visable and she just looks coooooool.

      Really? How come? The series gets better the further in you go, I think. Episode 2 was very awesome! But it’s fine if you’re not interested ^^ Nanael is adorable as well! She’s on my top “get” list for the Queen’s Blade figures. Although, Tomoe is very cute as well…It’s a hard choice between the two. ^^;

      Melona’s hair is GORGEOUS *0*

  5. Leonia says:

    Your shop is Otacute ? (I have the same strap).

    Melona is nice, but it’s not my figure style. Good purchase !

    • Kanon says:

      Oooh nice! But actually, I bought Melona pre-owned from Rockleelotus, the strap was also from him(who shops at Otacute :D)

      Melona is very nice ^^ Thanks!

  6. rockleelotus says:

    wowow why does she look so amazing in your shots?! *grabby hands*
    im glad she arrived safe and sound ^_^ lol @ smelling figures!

  7. Blowfish says:

    Im so jelous right now ^^

    If you ever feel like selling jher tell me XD

  8. enrius says:

    Wow, nice get! Melona is on my wishlist – I’d like to pose her without all the goo :-p ^^

  9. thetsundere says:

    Awesome! I like how her hair is transparent at the ends… and she looks brand new as well! Nice get indeed xD

  10. vixums says:

    YOU SNIFF FIGURES. Haha, that’s actually very adorable. I don’t know much about the character… but the way she’s dressed is enough to capture me XD That and the fact that she’s pink. I love that haha! Gorgeous figure.

    • Kanon says:

      xD;; Hey! Only when they are brand new xD Melona is cute, I love the pink too. Pink is one of my favorite colors! There’s also a minty-green color version of this figure, which is cute too, but pink is too cute ^^

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