Drawing software & Art Dump(mostly Art Dump)

Hello everyone! Wow, it’s been awhile since a new post. Two weeks go by pretty fast. I’ve been asked what I use to draw a few times recently, so within this post I’ll show you what I use to draw, a small batch of unfinished drawings, and a small update near the end. Continue for more!

First things first, I use a Wacom tablet for drawing. I’m not exactly sure what model it is but I’ve had it for years and it still works great! Shana tries her hand at using the tablet. After taking this picture I noticed how cute she looks with the pen ^^; She’s now my new pen holder.


This is openCanvas(currently using version 4.15.18 Plus), it’s my favorite drawing program of all time. Unfortunately, the oC team has discontinued making the program for English users. Hm? Does the girl in the drawing look familiar? Hmmm I wonder what she is doing here.


Now onto more sketches! Seems like I can never finish any drawings nowadays. Been too occupied making new sketches everyday.


Unfinished sketches ahhh!!


I also color random stuff every once in awhile. Not quite sure what this is supposed to be. The goddesses from Zelda?(Ocarina of Time, anyone?)


Never have been too great at coloring things other than blobs of light, though. Will post some of these on the ART page later!


Oh yes of course, today(at least the time this was posted) is the last day of Summer Break for me. Tomorrow(the 8th) I’ll be going back to school. Seems like the summer went by so fast! I’m not too nervous, I’m more worried about findind half of my classes. It’s a big school!


Half the time I draw random characters and no fanart ^^; Need to draw more fanart!


Yesterday I went to the Minnesota State Fair. It wasn’t super thrilling, but I walked around for hours and ate a bunch of delicious food! That was only part of the fun, as there is an anime merchandise shop within a building at the Fair. Every year I stop by and pick up some goodies I wouldn’t normally get. This year I got a gift for my friend(a surprise, can’t tell sorry!), and a Kuroshitsuji Grell trading figure(not pictured) and a Castlevania Soundtrack. The Witchblade manga was from a couple weeks ago when I went to the mall with some friends.

So like I said before, I’ll be going back to school tomorrow. I’ll be sure to update about my day! Boy, this is exciting. Thanks to everyone for the words of wisdom and such. This concludes this random post, have a good day everyone! A new post will come soon(hopefully tomorrow if the teachers don’t pile homework on us the first day ^^; )


Almost forgot about this drawing! I made it a few months ago(can tell because the style looks different from more recent ones), was going to finish it but seems like it has been forgotten. Danny Choo’s mascot Haruka Suenaga! Also, I appologize to anyone’s comments that get deleted because WordPress’s “spam detector” seems to spam good comments, I only got around to looking through those comments today. So sorry! I feel terrible for not noticing earlier. Just approved the non-spam comments.


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16 Responses to Drawing software & Art Dump(mostly Art Dump)

  1. rockleelotus says:

    Shana makes a great looking pen holder and thats a nice sized tablet you got XD i always hear a lot of good things about openCanvas, might try it out but dont think it will make much difference at my level ^^;

    ohhh i see mascot progress, love the facial expressions! i think its more difficult to draw random original characters than to do fanart, so the fact that you can do that says something ^_^ and from what ive seen so far, your coloring is just great.

    have fun at school, hope you dont get lost. but if you do, tell us all about it 😛

    • Kanon says:

      Yes she does! She looks a lot nicer than the plastic holder thing it came with. No more copies are being sold of the english version of openCanvas, but you might be able to check the website and download the trial.

      Uh huh! Thanks! Really? It’s hard to get down hairstyles, getting the clothing right, etc. on fanart, isn’t it? At least for me it is ^^; Thanks, although I’m still trying to improve(more random sketches are being made at the moment than actual colored pictures too ^^; )

      I’ll sure try, not sure if I will make a post since it may not be too thrilling, still trying to figure out how to make sure every post is interesting. But if any luls happen I’ll at least be sure to share with you xD

  2. Tommy says:

    Nice drawings as always. 🙂 I started school two weeks ago. Good luck. 😀

  3. Yi says:


    And i am interested to see Grell lol

    • Kanon says:

      xD It’s not a really super awesome surprise, just a little something I thought you might like, kind of as a souvenir. But still, yeah you can come over tomorrow xD

  4. I just heard it, opencanvas. The GUI looks familiar to photoshop. Good luck with that, while I’m with my own application, PCB modelling(no, it’s not art ==), what a pain xD

    To get away from that spam detector, we must carefully avoid forbidden words >:D

  5. Haru says:

    Nice tablet you’ve got there! And I was not aware openCanvas was not making anymore copies for English users! ( ï¿£ △ ̄;). Any idea why they stopped?

    And you have wonderful coloring skills! ( ^ o^) I love, love the coloring on Ranka’s hair! And Haruka-chan at the end looks cuute! I love looking at your art stuff so keep posting more!

    I hope your first day at school went great! ^^ Good luck with everything!

    • Kanon says:

      Thanks, it’s pretty old and a bit worn out however, but still works like a charm! They just recently stopped TT_TT Maybe because not many English users bought it? No clue! D:

      Thanks again! I’ve actually recently made more sketches(actually FINISHED ones ^^; ) so expect another art dump soonish.

      It went very well! Might make a post about my first week soon, but if not, I’ll be sure to tell you about it! ^^

  6. thetsundere says:

    Love the new pen holder! ^^
    Would you recommend a Wacom tablet? I have been meaning to purchase a new one and was thinking Wacom…
    And are you are self taught artist? (incl. teaching yourself to use openCanvas?) Your work is amazing! I look forward to seeing more xD

    • Kanon says:

      Haha, thanks! Shana makes such a cute pen holder! ^0^

      I would definitely recommend a Wacom tablet. I actually have never used any other brands before, but I also know a few other people that have one, and we all love ’em. ^^

      Yes I guess I am ^^ Never stepped foot into an art class(other than elementary stuff, yknow), and I just learn using the programs while I mess around and such. Thanks! Will be posting more soonish ^^

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