My Desk & Room(kinda ^^;)

8/31/09 UPDATE: I might not be able to post or be commenting much this week, it’s the last week of Summer Break and I am very very busy. Sorry everyone!

Added a couple more linearts to the “Art” page & Updated my “About” page with a quick sketch and shortened up the wall of text going there ^^;;

Hello again everyone! This week I bring photos of my small setup of figures and whatnot. I got the idea to do this from my friend at Rock Lee Lotus! Continue reading for more pics. Click for higher res!

To the left of the monitor, I keep some of my favorite figures and CDs and such. I have really old computer games here, but don’t bother putting them somewhere else so…here they shall stay!

A better look at Mitsuru and Franco. They are so lovely!

To the right of the monitor, things aren’t as exciting. My small collection of manga, my phone, some gum…

I only get manga of my most favorite anime, because manga sure can add up! ^^;

Now onto my room!! Here’s were things might start to get a bit messy ^^;

Here, on my wardrobe, I keep most of my figures and my trading figures/gashapon-like things ^^ You may want to view the higher res pics to be able to tell what’s going on. ^^;

This is my mini Allelujah shrine! It is still growing. I am always on the lookout for more ‘Lujah to add to my collection! (I’m not done coloring Kyrios yet ^^; ) Sure is dusty over here D:

I don’t really keep my figures in perfect order, just put ’em in rows ^^

Cute!! But dusty.

Metis, my first figure ever, is still my favorite ^^ I remember when I first got her, I was in awe how much detail she had. I sat there for what seemed like an hour, just looking at her gorgeousness. This happened way back in January(which really isn’t that long ago now that I think about it xD). Anyone else have a story to tell about their first figure?

A pile of boxes. Nena guards the top! I always keep the boxes. They are pieces of art themselves! Who else keeps the boxes? Anyone throw them away? I could never bring myself to throw them away!

Over here I have my radio/alarm clock which is kept on a small desk right next to my bed. Most of my action figures are here. ^^ Roxas is next to Axel, I didn’t get him in the picture ^^; I’m sure all three of my Kingdom Hearts play arts figures are bootlegs TT_TT. I got them before I knew anything about eBay and bootlegged figures, but I still had fun playing with them so…^^; Vincent guards my DSi and eyeliner. ^^;


Some model kits that still have yet to be completed. …And a sock ^^; I used to always finish the kits right after I got them, seems like I’ve been too lazy now a days. The big one on the top is my friend’s–she comes over to build together.

I couldn’t not get a picture of this. One of my favorite posters! I’ve had it for awhile but never put it up because people that see it might get the wrong idea ^^; By the way, 90% of my posters come from magazines.

Sorry for the dark photo, but this is also an awesome poster, I got this one from an issue of Megami.

So, that concludes the mini “tour”-like thing, I hope you enjoyed seeing my desk and part of my room! There was something I was going to say here at the end of this post, but now I forgot ^^; Anyways, I might be getting shelves soon, I’ll sure need some for when more figures come in! I’m not sure what I’ll post next week, but if there’s any more ideas, please do tell!

Thanks for reading!


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34 Responses to My Desk & Room(kinda ^^;)

  1. Guy says:

    That Nena figure is cute šŸ™‚

    I’m glad to see another P3 lover. I don’t understand how come there aren’t figures of Yukari (Takeba), especially in her swimsuit armour?

    BTW, is the Fate/Stay Night manga any good? And by any good I mean, reveals some of the lot of information the game had but which didn’t make it to the anime?

    • Kanon says:

      I don’t know why there aren’t any figures of Yukari, either! I’d really like a figure of Fuuka as well. Hopefully in the future ^^

      Surprisingly, I haven’t even read my Fate/Stay Night manga yet! ^^; Even if I had read it, I wouldn’t be sure, I haven’t played the game yet. Sorry!

      • Guy says:

        The question, once you read it, is whether it has stuff the anime doesn’t šŸ™‚

        After I’ve finished watching the anime I read up on Fate/… on Wikipedia for about 3 hours.

  2. rockleelotus says:

    cool, you have your figures around the PC and in your room! ^^ i really like the display of figures on your wardrobe and how Nena guards your figure boxes XD

    how come i always hear people have untouched Gunpla kits laying around? send them over here ^_^ btw i think its awesome you build them together with your friend.

    LOVE your Yoko poster! i need to get some posters too. thanks for sharing with us ^^

    • Kanon says:

      Thanks ^^ I have no room for Nena so letting her stay by the boxes is kind of nice ^^

      xD I also used to wonder why people let their Gunpla kits sit around unbuilt until recently! I guess I’ve just became lazy ^^;

      It’s awesome eh? ^^ You should get some. Posters can be fun!

      • rockleelotus says:

        btw i notice with tons of natural sunlight, pictures turn out clearer XD maybe for your next photoshoot you can try an outdoor daytime shoot like the pics you took with Shana? or have your setup next to a window.

        also an idea for a post; some shots of your drawing hardware/software setup and run through of your process? mainly im curious! i tried to draw again on the tablet today and turned out real bad ^^;;

      • Kanon says:

        That would be fun! I was actually thinking of doing an outdoor shoot, the only problem is I don’t have a figure that would suit being outdoors, yet ^^; Maaaaybe I can try to take Rise to the beach(when she arrives), but I’m a little skeptical because I don’t want people looking at me weirdly ^^; And to tell the truth, I’m hesitant to bring a figure out in the grass since I have a HUGE phobia of ….weird stuff growing in the grass. You know, like, m-mushrooms @_@ Err anyways yeah, I’ll try to though. xD

        That sounds interesting! I could do that, and also include a video of me drawing(that sounds weird ^^; it’d be speed up 2x or something of course). Something interesting ^^

        Wow that was kind of long…

  3. Yi says:

    I need to come over and finish Ozma jet ;______; BUT I WORK SO MUCH NOW I SAD.

  4. Haru says:

    Ooh! I love your nice little figure setups! Especially on your wardrobe. And aaaah! your ‘Lujah shrine is so nice; So many of them! (悜O悜;)

    Nice choice of manga. I’m behind on Air Gear and DGM, orz.

    And ohmy, those are a lot of boxes. I never throw my figure boxes away; like you say, they’re a work of art. However, they take up so much space that I don’t know where to put them anymore, lolol. And I love your Nena figure guarding the boxes; cute.

    Now throw those untouched gunpla boxes over my way, I’ll finish ’em for ya! (^ā–½^;)

    Love your Yoko poster too!

    Thanks for sharing and lovely pictures too! Love your collection. ^^

    • Kanon says:

      Thanks! Yet there are still many ‘Lujahs that have yet to be collected!

      Me too, I haven’t been reading as much manga lately. ^^;

      All of those boxes are starting to eat up my corner, already! I’m considering putting them in the closet if the pile gets any bigger soon.

      Haha, I wish I could, I’m way to lazy to finish them by myself at the moment… xD

      Thanks~ It came in an issue of Newtype magazine ^^ Woot free posters!

      No problem ^^ My collection is small but I like it too ^^

  5. thetsundere says:

    Wow – awesome room! And I am impressed by how neat your computer area is ^^
    I wish I could keep mine that tidy xP

  6. Zanber says:

    Great collection, even with high school budget

  7. Your room is neat, and you should put your Yoko in nice place. I’ve putted an ecchi Haruhi (with onsen BG) poster right in the front of door for a year and everything is okay lol

    • Kanon says:

      Thanks! I don’t have room to put her anywhere else, my room is covered in posters ^^ Haha you put Haruhi on your house’s from door? xD Or you mean your bedroom’s front door?

  8. Cloud says:

    Hi, It’s cloud from Tsukiboard. Your blog is very cool. Also you’re very good drawing, hope to see more of your art. Your room looks amazing. You have a lot of mangas and figures, really cool. I want the Fate one. It’s different from the anime?.

    PD: I keep the boxes too xD.

    Have a nice day :D. Don’t forget to do your homework XD.

    • Kanon says:

      Hello Cloud! I’m so very sorry that I could not reply earlier, WordPress messes up sometimes and accidently puts not-spam comments as spam. Anyways, thank you! I usually post unfinished sketches,(^^; ) but I will be sure to post more finished stuff eventually ^^

      Haha, yeah, could never throw out the boxes xD

      Thanks again, the homework is very near done ^^;

  9. Selidor says:

    That’s a lovely Yoko poster you have! The figure collection looks great as well, especially the Gundam 00 stuff.

    I keep all my boxes – I stack them on top of my wardrobe, although I’m going to run out of space at some point. I need them for when I have to transport stuff between university accommodation and home.

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you~ I cannot get enough Gundam 00 stuff!

      Nice, boxes take up so much space in big numbers! Hmmm I didn’t think of that, it’s good to have boxes to be able to transport figures, too ^^

  10. Marshmallow says:

    Ruri~ šŸ˜€

    My first thought on my first figure was, wow this is light! XD I thought she would weigh a lot more.

  11. ELTboy says:

    This is nice … I can feel how much you love your figures from your words. Keep up the passion!

    No matter how long I have had my figures, I can still spend a long time gazing at them and admiring their beauties and details. That’s the primary joy of our hobby I guess. ^^”

  12. Otaku Dan says:

    I have that same Yoko poster, that happens to be my favorite poster as well. You should frame it because its some what a collectible.

  13. thetsundere says:

    Heyya, mind if we share linkage & I add you to my blogroll? ^^

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