Kotobukiya 1/8 Elwing

I have added a few pictures in the ART page! Take a look, it you’d like. I’ll update it whenever I feel like it ^^; I’ll make sure to add a Twitter update(on the side~) to tell when it’s updated d^^b

Hello again, everyone! I bring another photoshoot! Now with 90% less blurriness 😀 But seriously, I think this is the best one yet. ^^ Continue reading for more pics. Enjoy!

Aha, I said I would bring a photoshoot, and here it is right on time. This one’s featuring Kotobukiya’s 1/8 Elwing. Elwing’s from Shining Wind, for those who do not know.

I don’t know much about the franchise she is from, but I watched some of the anime. It was kinda good ^^ Need to play the games sometime.

The Kotobukiya Shining Wind figures seem to be a little popular. I absolutely love her bow and wings.

Too bad her base is not as detailed as the rest of her! It kind of reminds me of a plastic lid or something…

She’s cute though, huh? (I hope some of these aren’t too dark…I can always edit them and lighten them up)

Cute ribbon! ^^

Anyone else have a Shining Wind figure? Gotta collect ’em all!

Lovely detail in her hair ^^ Oh and by the way, her skirt IS cast-offable, I just haven’t been able to do it yet =\

Another shot from behind. Dang! I forgot to do pantsu shots! Sorry ^^; Although I’m sure there’s a bunch out there.

Aww she’s so adorable! I love elves! Who doesn’t? ^^

And here’s the last photo. Some shots turned out more saturated than others. Sorry about that ^^; I really think I’m doing better at working with my camera and taking shots. I hope y’all enjoyed the pictures!! ^^

Also, I’ve been working real hard on my homework. It’s kind of stressful but really isn’t TOO bad, luckily. I need to finish in the next few weeks. >_<;; It's going good, though. Thanks to everyone for the support ^^


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18 Responses to Kotobukiya 1/8 Elwing

  1. rockleelotus says:

    awesome! i love elves, i like her bow and the green color scheme ^^ these came out looking PRO! you definitely got a skill for this, nice matching background too.

    the drawings you added in the art page are amazing!! your so talented XD keep up the great work ^_^b

  2. Haru says:

    Uwah! That’s one amazing photoshoot! Elwing is such a cutey! The figure itself is really nice; I love her cute attire ^^. And I agree with you, the base needs some working, but overall A+! Love the matching background you chose and the pictures look great! Been wanting to do a few figure photoshoots myself but I need to buy some proper lighting first.

    And your art WIPs look awesome! You have nice art skills! Can’t wait to see that first one finished.

    Goodluck with that homework!

    • Kanon says:

      Wooo thank you! ^^ She is! Definitely, but her cuteness makes up for the base, I think! Yes yes yes, I was a little skeptical about the background at first, but it turned out great in the photos. You should TOTALLY do a photoshoot, I’ll really be looking forward to seeing one from you ^^

      Thanks again~ I’ll be adding more eventually, I have a lot of unfinished art on my computer at the moment, but I’ll get around to finishing something soon.

      The homework is going very smoothly so far, too!

  3. Lovely shots of Koto’s Elwyn/Elwing. I was interested in this figure as well but passed since I already had President Japan’s version of her. I may pick this one up if I ever find her for cheap.

    I sometimes wonder if Shining Tears/Wind was more successful as a video game series or a figure series…

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you very much ^^ Ahh Presiden Japan’s version is very cute as well, I love her outfit in that version! Chances are you can eventually get her for a steal, I got mine for about $30 or something. Which is pretty cheap for a figure now a days, of course!

      I think it was a bit more successful as a video game, and the figures seem to be a kinda popular. Have you watched the anime? I heard the video games are much better than the anime.

  4. Yi says:

    This green makes me go “ahhh” lol

    Cute Elwing!

  5. I’m kinda fail to don’t know about Shining Wind but I can look on your nice shoots ^^ maybe you can do it on brighter room since I see some spots are dark (a bit). And i would glad to see the cast-offable skirt lol CAST OFF! CHANGE ELVEN! xD

    Homework? just get rid of them >.>

    I love ya sketch. You should take my art request on near future LoL

    • Kanon says:

      That’s what I thought too, they are a teeny bit dark–I guess I should’ve added more light ^^; I’ll be sure to add more light next shoot! See, I’m learning from my mistakes ^^

      Homework should’n’t take tooooo long, it’s more time consuming than hard >_<;;; I'd still rather not have to to it but yeah ^^

      Thanks! I'd love to do requests! xD

  6. Leonia says:

    This Elwing adaptation is cute. But I hope that Max Factory will realize her version of the character (like Seena Kannon and Kureha) ^^

    • Kanon says:

      Ooooh that would be awesome! Max Factory made a bikini version of Elwing though, I’m pretty sure. Max Factory’s bikini Elwing’s face is a little cuter but this Elwing is super cute too! ^^

  7. ELTboy says:

    I have the figure too and thinks she is nice too. The photos are really nice. They have a bit of over saturation of red hues though and a bit of adjustments on the lighting used should solve that but other than that they are really great.

    On a side note, don’t stress out on your homework… school should be enjoyable. Cheers! 🙂

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you for the tips! I’m still learning so I always appreciate constructive criticism so I can get better at photography. ^^ I’ll try to adjust the lighting a bit more to have the photos turn out right!

      Thanks again, you’re right, I should relax a little ^^

  8. Cloud says:

    Very cool pictures and figure. I have the Kotobukiya’s Xecty from Shining Wind. Really good art and really cool figure too. You shoud get her if you like this series. Maybe you should put your pictures in the tsukiboard too :D.

    PD: Dont let the homework beat you. You can do it!. :D. You know, in spanish, i’m your sensei xD.

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you ^^ Xecty is really cute, she’s the next on my list to get of the SHining Wind figures ^^

      xD Yes! I will need a spanish speaking sensei too xD

  9. Guy says:

    I dream of having all the Kotokubiya Shining Wind/Tears figures 🙂

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