Birthday loot + Mikkumiku Kagami!

Not very much stuff at the moment, I was going to wait until my Shana figma arrived(my questions were answered and yes, there was nothing to worry about!) but I wanted to include my Birthday goodies with some really quick pictures I took of my very first Nendoroid! She just arrived today, too! She’s so cute~~~~

Cute! I love the packaging! Why didn’t I start getting Nendoroids earlier?? I think I’m already addicted!

Adorable ^^

Kagamin out of her box. I couldn’t wait to open it up!

And here’s Kagamin with Miku herself!

Quick, small post here. I took a couple pictures of the DSi in action for folks who might want to see it, but the pics turned out way too dark ^^; I might add some pictures of Kagami with Miku later, not sure when or if.


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20 Responses to Birthday loot + Mikkumiku Kagami!

  1. cherrypony says:

    mikkumiku kagami is really cute :3 congrats on getting her

  2. rockleelotus says:

    awesome bday loot, DSi?! WANT! and now i want Kagamiku nendo since im seeing her everywhere… i really like those dual leeks XD

    very nice nice goody goodies ^^

  3. shino says:

    So I guess it’s appropriate to say: Happy Birthday~! here? =P Nendoroids are really cute though I don’t really favor them much since I tend to mostly ignore the parts that come with them. But for those who enjoy those parts and switching them around, they’re definitely great fun and awesome gets.

    Do enjoy her and the rest of your gifts =) Glad to know the Shana figma is settled without a hitch as well =)

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you! It is kind of hard to switch all of her parts and change her poses, but she’s too cute! ^^ I’m glad, too ^^ I’ve still gotta thank you and the others that helped out, though =D

  4. Haru says:

    Very awesome birthday loot there! Kagamiku is just so adorable; I love all her optional expressions! (^▽^)

  5. Happy birthday! I’ve yet to join the Nendoroid bandwagon. They’re cute, but I’d much rather have non-chibified figures. I might pick one up someday, however.

    If they make a Nia Nendoroid I’d buy that in a heartbeat…

    I’ve still got my old fat blue DS. It’s got a dead pixel that DRIVES ME INSANE but still works fine and dandy. I have been wanting a new DS but all my cash keeps going to figures and doujinshi.

    • Kanon says:

      Thanks! They’re cute though, right? ^^ If a Nia was made, I’d definitely get it. It might happen, too, since Yoko has been out for awhile now! *crosses fingers*

      It seems that’s where all of my money is going nowadays, too! Woot!

  6. Leonia says:

    Kagami Miku Miku is really cute ! It’s a nice choose !

    (I will use your banniere to make one more small for my page Link on Shadonia ^^ I hope that will not disturb you)

  7. Yi says:


  8. ユキ says:

    that mikumiku nendoroid is really cute =3= nice choice!
    it’ll be awesome if there’s Project Diva gift too =p

  9. moemoekyun says:

    Happy birthday sory late and cute miku
    yup the same I want a PSP Right now ^_^

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