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Pic kind of related, I’m feeling like Jin in the picture at the moment ^^;

I wasn’t going to make a post about this, but I’ve been searching on Google for awhile and came up with nothing. So, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I ordered the Shana figma earlier today here at Hobby Link Japan. As you can see, at the moment of posting, she is listed as discontinued on the site. When I ordered her, she was still in stock(and not listed as “Low Stock”). So anyways, I ordered her, received an Order Acknowledgement email from HLJ, and a couple hours later received an Order Confirmation email. The problem is, soon after getting the confirmation email, I checked the page again to find she was listed as Discontinued! ;_;

Has this ever happened to anyone else here? Not quite sure what happened, or if my order was really processed or not. Hopefully someone who knows could make me feel better about my poor Shana? ^^;

And the other thing, does anyone know if you order an item that is going to be restocked(like an item that’s listed as “___ Restock”), are restocks the same as preorders, where you pay for your item when it is in stock and ready to ship? Or do you have to pay right away like a regular item that is in stock? The only thing that confused me is that both “In Stock” and “Restock” items have a “Buy This” button, while preorders have the “Preorder” button.

Possibly newbish questions. If anyone knows, don’t hesitate to comment. I’d really appreciate some help since nothing is turning up on Google. Thanks! ^^

EDIT: Man, there were so many typos and grammar errors in this before I edited it like, 10 times. That’s what I get for posting late at night ^^; Sorry for the wall-of-text!


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  1. shino says:

    I get that with HLJ sometimes, which is why they’re really not the nicest place to shop for really hot items. Even if you preorder, if they don’t get to you by the time they run out once the item is released, they pretty much just list it as discontinued and you’re left waiting with no follow-up whatsoever.

    Can’t say for sure if they’ll ever fulfill the order in the end since I didn’t stick around to wait, but from what I’ve seen, they don’t seem to do restocks like HobbySearch does, at least not very visibly. You should probably email them at trouble@hlj.com and check with them on what they can do for you since their FAQs apparently state they do special orders.

    If you login to your HLJ account, you can probably see if it’s being processed for shipment. If you opted to pay via paypal, and you didn’t get no payment request, I’m pretty certain nothing’s gonna happen until they have it in stock and decide to ask you to make a payment.

    Restocks shouldn’t require immediate payment, unless they still have stock available so you’re getting the earlier runs. Hope this all helps =)

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you so much for the fast reply! This helps a lot. I can’t believe I forgot to check my HLJ account for the status and such ^^; I’ll email them soon. For some reason the status says Low Stock on my account page but still says Discontinued on the actual page lol. ^^;;; Hope I just got the last one or something…

      I really feel a lot better already for the fate of poor Shana. Thanks a bunch!

  2. This happened to me before once or twice with pre-orders. When the product was released it didn’t take long before it was slapped with the Discontinued mark…and I had yet to be charged/have the package shipped. Luckily my orders were fulfilled each time.

    I think they’re just really quick to slap Discontinued on the figure pages to discourage new orders? Who knows…but I’ve bought from them countless times and never had any trouble.

    • Kanon says:

      Hmmm now that would really explain why Shana’s status is Discontinued on the page, but Low Stock in my account’s page thing. Good call! That might just be it, now that I think about it.

      That makes me feel a lot better, thanks!

  3. rockleelotus says:

    i encountered the same problem when ordering my Saber Lion. after i placed the order, the site listed as “discontinued” but i still received my figure. the status on your account page prolly refers to orders placed and status on the main page refers to available units. i cannot say the same for preorders though, not through personal experience but i know someone who placed 2 preorders on hlj on to have them canceled without notice. he had to ask them before he found out o.O

    also for “in stock” and “restock” items, both should mean that they are on hand and ready to ship. restock just means they got a new batch in separate from their original stock available in warehouse. i dont recall ever seeing items listed as restock in hlj ^^;

    and you can always check the stores faq’s

    this one relates to you
    http://www.hlj.com/faq/q25.html ^^

    • Kanon says:

      Ah, hope the same happens to me. The status on my account page is Low Stock at the moment, so I think I will still get Shana now! I wish HLJ emailed people about the status of their order if it was cancelled. I’ll email them later myself to make sure ^^

  4. Kanon says:

    My questions were answered and Shana WILL be on her way shortly! Thanks for the help, guys ^0^

  5. meimi132 says:

    Happened to me after I ordered my Hatsune Miku Nendoroid. Was my first order with the site aswell lol. Slightly nerve-wracking lol. Didn’t happen right after I ordered though, happened the day after I think? Not sure… was a while ago…

    • Kanon says:

      Wow, I would’ve been really nervous, especially since that happened on your first time buying from them. ^^; You still got her though, right?

  6. ImperioMoe says:

    Usually I bought my stuff at HLJ I never have problems and I send e-mails and they always answer me.

    • Kanon says:

      Ah good! I haven’t had problems so far, either. It can be nerve-wracking to see something is discontinued right after ordering, however!

  7. Orange says:

    I have never ordered at HLJ but I am thinking about it.
    How long will the shipping take to get to California?
    Thank you for your help. 🙂

    • Kanon says:

      Hello there! HLJ is a nice place to shop. I’ve ordered from them many times since this. 🙂 How long the shipping takes depends on which shipping method you take. Although in I live in Minnesota, the time is about the same, I think! Have only tried EMS and SAL myself(so I’m unsure about the fairly new FedEx transit time), but EMS generally takes about 3~5 days after shipped, and SAL times tend to fluctuate a bit more at around a week to even two-and-a-half weeks.

      Hopefully that gives you a fair idea of it! Happy shopping~

      • Orange says:

        Thank you so much! You gave me such a fast reply, good thing I kept refreshing the page every ten minutes Lol. I thought shipping would take longer than a month but it’s just a few days wait. I think it’s amazing! I’ll try EMS since i know its just a few days wait and it’s cheaper than Fedex.

        Anyhow Thank you so much, I’m glad to have asked here.

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