Thanks for 1,234 hits!

Thanks everyone! My blog has now reached 1,234 hits! ^^ It probably doesn’t seem like a lot…because a lot of people get that much in a day–or an hour. But I’m happy nevertheless! I drew this picture for everyone and just finished it now. The girl in the drawing is another random girl. Click for hi res ^^

Today’s also my birthday(July 10th), or at least it’s still the 10th where I’m living at the time of posting. Thanks everyone!


About Kanon
Otaku, artist, figure collector!

10 Responses to Thanks for 1,234 hits!

  1. rockleelotus says:

    congrats!! and happy bday!! wow, what a big special day for you ^^

  2. 1,234 hit! As long as you keep up with those drawings/sketches, I’m sure you’ll grow an audience. Also, Happy Birthday! =3

  3. Happy (late) birthday! One day you’ll have an army of readers. Can I be a general?

  4. Leonia says:

    Congratulation for you numeros hits !

  5. Haru says:

    It’s a bit late but Happy belated Birthday!
    And congrats for those fabulous hits! (^▽^ )ノ゛

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