Kotobukiya 1/7 Mitsuru Kirijo

EDIT: Oops, aha…there was a typo in the title earlier ^^;;;; Fixed it, though

Finally got around doing another photoshoot-like-thing. My bad pictures don’t do the figure very much justice, but this still was pretty fun ^^;

I love this figure so much, I’ve had her since January. Even the box is cool and fun too look at. At least in my opinion. ^^ This a photoshoot of Kotobukiya’s Mitsuru. Mitsuru comes from the PS2 game “Persona 3”, which I’d HIGHLY recommend to RPG and/or Dating Sim fans. Anyways, Alter has their own version of Mitsuru as well, but I’ll let you decide which one you like better once I get her and make a photoshoot ;D

Side of the box. Nice artwork of Mitsuru and one of her Persona.

The back.

And the other side! Fellow Persona fans may find this image familiar. And as a huge fan of the series, the box is even enjoyable on it’s own ^^;

Anyways, onto the photoshoot. Hmm…this one’s awfully blurry. Sorry folks!

Something that really got me was the movement in her skirt…

…And her hair!

Her boots are great. They’re nice and shiny, like real boots. I wish I had some like those ^^

Breathtaking pose. Dynamic and absolutely beeeaaautiful!~ *^*

Another awesome thing about this figure is the base. Loveable and cool for fans of the game and people new to the game ^^

Probably my favorite base on any figure I’ve seen.


(Terrible quality, please forgive me! >u<;; ) Mitsuru also comes with her pistol/evoker ^^

And her skirt is removable

There’s a lot of detail on the pistol/evoker.

Unfortunately, not so much detail went into her pantsu.

It’s still a nice feature, though. I always display her with her skirt on, however. It’s too awesome and flowy!

I have yet to obtain Alter’s Mitsuru figure so I can’t compare the two at the moment, but eventually will. Sit tight! ^^

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9 Responses to Kotobukiya 1/7 Mitsuru Kirijo

  1. rockleelotus says:

    great shots! would like to see what you produce if you got your hands on a better cam with macro ^^ i will have to look more into “Persona 3” is the anime related to the game by any chance?

    • Kanon says:

      Thank you! The anime Persona Trinity Soul? It’s kinda related story wise but doesn’t do the game very much justice ^^;; And yes I really need a new camera ^^

    • Kanon says:

      Oh, and want to exchange links? I’ll put a link to your blog on mine right now ^^ Have any buttons/about 200×60 images I can use to represent your blog(like the ones up there now ^^)?

      • rockleelotus says:

        sure thing! i dont have any buttons created at the moment, do you have one i can put up on my site? this is a good time to ask how you mascot is developing ^^

    • Kanon says:

      Here’s one I just made, hope it fits!

      Be sure to tell me when you get a button made and I’ll put it up ASAP ^^ The mascot progress is going well, I haven’t worked on her a whole lot, but I’ve decided to name her Kanowaii after all! And I’ll be sure to give credit to you for the name ^^

      • rockleelotus says:

        yay i put your button up ^^ here’s a temp button one i made for now:

        im honored you decided to name your mascot Kanowaii! hope to see more of her in the future ^^b

      • Kanon says:

        Oooo that one’s nice! I put it up now ^^

        There sure will be more Kanowaii in the near future 😀

  2. Lovely figure of Mitsuru. I especially love the way her hair turned out.

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