N.A.P. – Alice

6/08/09 Progress:

(N.A.P. stands for “New Art Progress”, by the way!) Hello everyone! I bring another new drawing needs to be finished! Most of the time I don’t finish drawings, but the drawings I post by themselves are probably the ones I’m most proud of and are very recent. The ones I post into my “Art Dumps” will be just sketches or older, unfinished stuff.

But anyways, this is Queen’s Gate’s Alice in a soon-to-be lolita style outfit. The picture looks small since I had to make it smaller to fit on here, and I cropped a lot of the canvas out because…well, yeah. Hope you enjoy it so far! Oh, and a lot of the coloring in this picture isn’t final, but just a sketch of what I’m aiming for IN the final outcome ^^

6/08/09: Slowly but surely working on this. In my opinion it looks better now ^^; The hair, face, and eye colors are final.

About Kanon
Otaku, artist, figure collector!

7 Responses to N.A.P. – Alice

  1. Miiikan says:

    Nice! As usual :DD Keep it up d>u<b Her eyes are pwetty ^w^

  2. Blowfish says:

    Im looking forwad to the final result!
    I guess she wont carry her Gun/knive thngs when dressed as lollita eh?^^

  3. Kanon says:

    Added new progress picture.

  4. Leonia says:

    O.o Amazing ! I love so much this one ! Alice is so cute !

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