New blog..thingy!

Hello there, this is Kanon! That’s my online nickname at least ^^ You probably don’t know me but hey I’m starting a new blog-thing because everyone else had one so, wooo. Here I’m mearly(*cough* did I spell that right? xD;;) a noob at collecting anime figures but have a few Gundam model kits and some gashapon figures and action figures. Although yeah, I am still new to this “collecting” thing and just spent nearly all of my Christmas gift money on stuff, haha xD;; But I am a huuge nerd when it comes to video games. Once I got my first real scale figure(aaand I will reveal my small collection hopefully in the next post!) I decided to open up this little blog, since it seems kinda fun. Here I will post some little anime goodies of mine and maybe review/rant about some video games. I’m also an artist and may post some art of mine here, although I don’t usually draw much and if I DO post some art, they’ll be little doodles and such. So anyways, sounds fun right? At least I think so. Maybe cause I’ve never really had a blog before. Woo

Edit: By the way, I’m also not great at photography and don’t have a camera made for that stuff so I’ll try my best!


About Kanon
Otaku, artist, figure collector!

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